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Ho Pin Tung Racer

Racing Games

Ho Pin Tung Racer is a Sport game on Ho-Pin Tung is a successful Dutch-Chinese race car driver. Ho-Pin has won several races, among which the Formula BMW Asia (2003) and the German Formula 3 (2006). Ho-Pin Tung also raced in the A1 series (2006) where he managed to get the first ever podium place for China. Ho-Pin is currently a driver in the GP2 series. Ho-Pin has also raced in Formula 1 cars, for both Williams and BMW Sauber. Spill Group and Ho-Pin Tung have worked together for several years, especially in China. Spill Group’s Chinese game development company Zlong Games developed this game in honor of Ho-Pin Tung’s achievements in his racing career so far, and to support his future success. In the game, you can use arrow keys to steer the racing car. Don’t hit obstacles like trees, for it will damage your car. Also don’t drive your car off road, for it will decrease your speed and make you lag behind. You can select different countries and tracks. This is a real race for excellent racers. Join in now!

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