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Hover Tanks 2

Shooting Games

Hover Tanks 2 is a shooting game on In this game, you can play missions, play IT or play survival. In the level one of Mission mode, you will be given the location of some wanted Raiders, go out and eliminate them. At the start, the armor, power, shield and speed of your tank is not very good. You must kill invaders to earn money for buying new Hover Tanks and upgrades. You can use left mouse button to fire and make use of mouse wheel to change your weapons. Press number keys to select guns, turrets, and missiles. In the fight, you can collect some items to gain bonus. Ammo item will increase gun or missile ammo. The item on weapon upgrade will increase weapon level. Regen Icon will repair armor for a set duration. Speed Boost doubles speed for a period. Shield Boost improves shield recharge rate. Cloak item will make tanks invisible for some time. Pick up and use these items to help you finish the mission faster. Kill all invaders and enemy tanks. You may fight in snow and in darkness. It’s your duty. Do it now and here!

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