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How Garden Grow

Arcade Games

How Garden Grow is a skill game on in which you step into Cyber Chris’ muddy shoes and become a virtual gardener. On your journey, your watering skills and gardening knowledge will be put to the ultimate test. To control Cyber Chris around the gardens, you can simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Water the dying plants by walking up to them and then press spacebar. Cyber Chris will begin watering and the plant will grow. As you run out of water you will have to collect more. A pair of wellies will make you work faster. Level one is named the country garden. You will work and water crops. It is said that this summer you decided to set yourself a challenge by growing some sunflowers in your back garden. Let’s see how many you can keep alive. Do not lose any more than three sunflowers to progress to the next level. Do you have interests in other plants? Play it now.

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