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I Lost My Puppy

Puzzle Games

I lost my puppy, which is a puzzle game on A puppy or pup is a juvenile dog, generally less than one year of age. It has not reached sexual maturity. Puppy size varies among breeds: smaller puppies may weigh 0.45–1.4 kg, while others are 6.8–9.1 kg. All healthy puppies grow rapidly after birth. Puppies are highly social animals and spend most of their waking hours interacting with either their mother or littermates. Most experts now believe that being with its mother and littermates until at least eight weeks is important for a puppy’s behavioral development. Responsible breeders will not sell a puppy that is younger than eight to twelve weeks, and in many jurisdictions, it is illegal to give away puppies younger than a certain age, usually between eight and twelve weeks. Now you lost your puppy, you have to according the pictures we give you and recognize it. Good luck!

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