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Inten Sub

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Inten Sub is a shooting game on in which you control a submarine to shoot torpedoes in blue ocean. You can select four modes, easy, normal, hard and brutal. Click your left mouse button and hold it to shoot out bullets. A number of enemy ships are floating over your head. They frequently release bombs into the sea. So you have to move left and right for avoiding hitting those bombs. Once your submarine is shot by a bomb, your health will decrease. Try to eliminate enemy boats as more as possible. You may also collect items to become invincible or recover your health. Practice your skill in easy mode. And have a fierce challenge in brutal mode. Go to fight now!

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Submarine War

Submarine War is a shooting game on You are going to drive a submarine under the sea to kill all your enemies. Use keys WASD to control your submarine. Press J to shoot. The key K is for bombs. Killing enemies earns you yellow diamonds and if you break up a capsule you can collect colorful jewels. You can go to the item shop to upgrade your equipment. Avoid shooting the ship carrying jewels!

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