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Iron Maiden Flight 666

Skill Games

Bring music to the world! (Or should I say speakers!) You have a cool plane Iron Maiden and you can use the arrow keys to control it. You think this is a piece of cake? Making the plane do acrobatics in the air is really fun, as long as it doesn’t crash into something. Your mission is to drop those speakers NEAR the local people by pressing key X. I say NEAR, guys! The first time I failed, I have been told “You squashed too many people!” So don’t turn a journey of music into a massacre. If you land those speakers NEAR them and not ON them, those local people will deeply thank you and turn into hard-core rockers! When you successfully turn enough people into rockers, you can proceed to the next level. (More rockers, more points! You can upgrade your plane by spending those points!) So let’s drop those music bombs and rock the world! (Music is powerful, even more powerful than atomic bombs!) This rocking cool flash game Iron Maiden Flight 666 is presented to you by our rocking cool (even cooler) website!

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