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Island Cruisin

Racing Games

Island Cruisin is a sport game on in which you race boating around a beautiful island. There are three other players, Dunc (a bear), Bonkers (a monkey) and Ellie (a giraffe). They have different power, speed and handling skills. First, choose which of the 3 crazy Kritters you will race with. Then it is time to get over to the starting line. You can use the up arrow to accelerate forward and press the right and left arrows to steer. The race is three laps around the lagoon. Many coconut palms grow in the island and a wooden house is located at the center of the lake. You are bound to run into a few beaches as well as the other racers. Try to anticipate the curves and don’t get too turned around. You must endeavor to catch up with other racers and don’t lag behind. Win the first prize and join in now.

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