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Sport Games

Javelin is a sport game on in which you will try to throw the javelin as far as possible. You are an excellent sports man in the game. You have many years of javelin experience and have been selected as the candidate to join the Olympic Games. But you must upgrade your record at first. When the game starts, you will be standing on the grass and prepare to throw the javelin. A judge holds the measuring instrument to assist you. There are many marks on the grass indicating different distance of your performance. There are two bottles on the right corner of the screen. One represents power and another shows angle. You can hold down the Throw button to build up power, then release to throw. Try to adjust the distribution of power and angle. You have three chances in total. Throw and get your record.

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Sparta Fire Javelin

Sparta Fire Javelin is presented to you on This is a free action game. Your objective is to kill all the enemies. Click at the hero and hold and then drag to adjust the shooting angel. Release the button to shoot. The spear will bounce for three or four times when hitting the edge of the screen. You should make use of that to kill more with less shot. Mind the shots you have at the bottom of the screen!

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