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Jump on the Couch

Action Games

Jump on the Couch is an action game on Conrad and Sally are naughty brother and sister. They like jumping on the couch when their parents are not at home. Conrad even hopes that Jumping on the couch was an Olympic Game. Today their mother and father go out again. It is a good chance to show their skills in jumping on the couch. There is a big couch in the room with other curtains, flowerpot, desk lamp, mural and cupboard. You can select Conrad or Sally to play. Use the arrow keys to walk to or away from the couch when on the ground. You can let them show flips by using arrow keys when in the air. The W key is to cannonball on the couch. The E key is to do the splits. To dismount, you can land on your feet on either side of the couch. Don’t get caught by mom! Keep your eye on the fish inside a fish tank. He will warn you when mom is coming. Jump off the couch and land on your feet before mom catches you. And you must make sure you land on your feet. Landing on your head hurts and will end the game. Try to collect goodies when you are in the air, such as gifts, candy, and balloon. Goodies give you lots of energy, and make you jump higher. Have fun.

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