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Jump, which is an action game on Jumping is the act of propelling oneself upwards, using one’s own power, into the air, and then returning back to the same surface. Tarzan can jump very high and far, because he was living in the jungle, but now he walks to the ocean, he is trying to jump to the other ships, so he needs your help. Would you like to help him?

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Base Jumper

Play free skill game Base Jumper on to have fun. You are supposed to control the jumper to float in the air. Left click to open the hero’s parachute. Parachutes only last for a while, so you should collect the parachutes in the sky to sustain your floating. Different colors represent different bonus skills. Left click to activate your new parachutes. Collect stars and coins along your way. Avoid touching the gray stars. It will destroy your parachutes.

Marios Jumping

Marios Jumping is a free adventure game on Control Mario’s movements with the arrows. On his way jumping upward, there are many coins and bonuses. Try to collect money and get bonus skills. You are supposed to move fast. Avoid touching dangerous objects. Your lifetime is represented by the yellow bar which reduces as time goes on. Enjoy more games on this website!

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