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Jump'n Freeze

Sport Games

Jump’n Freeze is an arcade game on in which you ski from one island to another one. It’s a fine day in the winter. The sun shines bright and warm in the sky with few clouds. You, a naughty boy, stand at one snowy island and watch another island in blue ocean. There are many fruits and drinks on that island. But your island has nothing to eat. You are so hungry that you want to jump or ski from your side to that island. There are also some other small islands between these two big island. Green coconut palms are growing here and there. Thus you begin your skiing. You must leap to that island for one jump. If your power is not enough, you may fall down into water and be frozen, or you may hit some small islands and lose your life. You can collect some special items when flying in the air. Don’t use too much strength, or you will jump over the island and fall into water. Do you want to eat fruits? Jump.

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