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Kid Adventure

Adventure Games

Kid Adventure is an adventure game on in which you are in control of a kid to go through an adventure. Blue sky, clean stream, soft breeze, standing trees, and oceanic grass, this is where the kid lives. But he has no time to admire the scenery. He will go for an important adventure for looking for a diamond. A sword, a hatchet, and a dart are his weapons. You can move him by using the arrow keys. There are many platforms on his way, so you can jump onto the platform by pressing the space bar. For some higher platform, you should climb up them by some ladders. When you encounter some old men, or wizard, you can ask them for some advice or hints. You should try to kill tortoise beast, cabbage monster and bogy on your way. Avoid being bitten by them or you will lose your health. When you run out of your health, the game is over. Do you want to know more? Play now and good luck!

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