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Killer Whale

Action Games

Killer Whale is a skill game on in which a brown murderous whale with big white eyes and yellow sharp teeth will eat and swallow different fishes in water world. There are many levels in this game. This grampus is controlled by you. Every time the whale escapes from an aquarium, you pass the level. You can move forward and backward or jump in the air or jump from one fish tank to another. Eat and kill can increase your health and power. The grampus can eat jellyfish, sea horse, shrimp, Piranha and other living creatures. Sometimes there will be steel obstacle between two fish tanks. The killer whale can dash strongly to break this steel wall. Dash can also increase its power and rage. The more fishes it kills and eats, the more scores you can get. And also the whale can spin to push away the creatures around it. In one word, it’s the king in water world. But you should pay attention to how to control it will for it is always not an easy work. At the end of the aquarium, there is an exit for the grampus to get out. Thus you pass the level and move into the next level. Want to experience the terrible killing and rage of this big grampus? Play it now.

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