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Kinetikz 2

Skill Games

Kinetikz 2 is a shooting game on in which you try to push the puck to reach the target. When the game starts, fire the disc using the mouse, guide the puck to the target with the same color. You can rotate the board by using left and right arrow keys. (Or A and D keys) Be aware of the blue line; do keep your puck away from it. Watch out for the moving blocks, you will get bonus points for destroying the blocks and boxes by pushing them over the blue lines. And don’t fire the disc towards the walls, it will be rebounded. The fewer discs you fired to complete the game, the more points you get in the end. You have 5 lives in total. When you failed, one life will be cost to reset the level. You will get a new life for every 4000 points. Hope you like it.

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