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Kookin' Kidz

Skill Games

Kookin’ Kidz is an arcade game on in which you will control a vicious witch to catch those lovely kids as many as possible. Press arrow keys to go left, right, speed up or slow down. And you can press the space bar to pause. Catch a child by using the ctrl key. When you have caught a child successfully, move the witch to the boiling pot and press the ctrl key again to let the child fall into the pot. Don’t let the witch close to land and hit those kids at the same or the game will be lost. Here is an experimental bottle at the right upper screen, it stands for time. When the green liquids disappear, the game is over. At the left upper screen is a child head portrait, it add one point after you have let a kid drop to the pot successfully. Manage your time. Click the Start button now!

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