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Krazy Kar

Racing Games

Krazy Kar is a skill game on in which you drive a crazy car at a crazy speed to find the way home. One fine Sunday morning, Adam decided to take a joyride in the scientist’s special modified car. Strangely, the car warped to another planet. Adam has to drive 10000 feet in order for the car to warp again. You are now in control of this special car and make it as far as you can. And try to reach the end of this strange landscape. Drive! Drive! Drive! Press right to go forward, left to go backward, and up for a boost jump. You shall try to collect as many clocks as you can, for if you run out of time you will lose. You will drive the car through valley, mountains, hills, plains, and cliffs. The car will not be damaged under any conditions. So don’t worry. Just finish the route within the time limit. Then Adam can come back to the Earth. Are you ready? Good luck!

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