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Lance La Hache

Shooting Games

Lance La Hache is a skill game on We all know that Lance La Hache is a terrorist in the world. He has created many disasters around the world. Many people want to kill him especially the leaders of some countries. This game is related to Lance La Hache. You can try to hurt him if you also hate this terrible person. When the game starts, you will see Lance has been fixed on a wooden board. The board is moving in four directions. You can use the arrow keys to move the cross in the screen. When the cross is on Lance’s body, you can press space bar to throw out an axe to chop that position. It’s cruel and bloody. You totally have five axes. But when the cross points at the deadly position of Lance, you can not throw your axe or Lance will be killed by you. And thus you have no points. Your task is just to injure him and make him feel pain.

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