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Law Of The West

Shooting Games

Law of the West is a shooting game on in which you will be hired by a west bank and protect it from being attacked by terrorists. There are some instructions of this bank for new employees. In order to survive the rough life as a clerk of the Westbank you have to learn some basic rules. Seeing more of the bank is easy, if you don’t have a customer to deal with, to move in a direction, and just press cursor left or cursor right, or what ever key you have assigned. Basically, all you have to do is to collect money from the valued customers. In order to be a truly valuable employee of the Westbank, you have to serve the indicated amount of highly valued customers. The number of customers you have to serve to earn your daily pay, per door, is shown at the top of the viewable area. One of the difficulties you may experience as a new employee, are the constant hold ups. It’s crucial for you and the customer’s valued money that you can distinguish between the even more valued customers and the every day villain. Shoot villains to deal with them. Don’t shoot unarmed people, ever! And you stay alive long enough to get the real gun, you will have to learn how and when you need to reload. Are you ready? Join it now!

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