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Legend of PingPong

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Legend of PingPong is a sport game on in which you have a chance to challenge elite Pingpong players. At the 20th century, five nations were significantly dominating the table-tennis: France, Sweden, Korea, Japan and China. Their competencies in this sport were far over those of the other countries, that could hardly pretend to even entertaining them. Over the years, the world championships remain therefore desperately restricted to a competition between the same five master teams. One day, at the end of the century, a mysterious young man entered the world of the table-tennis, surprising everyone by his incredible and unrivaling performances. His objective was to put an end to the endless domination of the five masters. He did challenge each of their team, one after the other, and within a few days, beat every of their elite players. This was a triumph. However immediately after that, the young man did vanish without a word, letting behind him a lot of unanswered questions, starting with his name, still unknown today. But this event remains in memory for ever. The film made here is a tribute to this man, his excellence, as well as his courage and humility. Once the game starts, you can select a country you want to challenge. You can left click your mouse to serve and control the pad with mouse. Each match has only one set, the first to 11 points win the match. Using official ITTF rules. Good luck!

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