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Lenny the Lizard

Shooting Games

Lenny the Lizard is a skill game on in which you are in control of a lizard to hunt and eat insects. Lenny is located at a glade in the forest. Around it is grass and bushes. Many insects fly rapidly here and there. Lenny is hungry now. You can use the mouse to determine the angle of the Lenny’s head. Click down the mouse to flick out the Lenny’s tongue and catch the passing insects. If Lenny swallows the same insect for three times, you can get a 2500 bonus points. If it eats a purple moth, ten seconds time bonus is awarded. But if this lizard is stung by a wasp or a bee, its tongue will become short and five seconds will decrease from time limit. If Lenny hunts a yellow moth, for a short period bees can be eaten without sting. Besides, it can also hunt ladybug, ants, and other insects. Help Lenny now.

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