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Les Aventures De Titou

Adventure Games

Les Aventures De Titou is an arcade game on in which you will act as a farmer who will work in a farm. Have you ever dreamt of being a farmer who can live a simple and fresh life in the farm? If your answer is yes, you will like the game very much. Once it starts, you will be located in a farm which is very beautiful. There are pigs, sheep, pond and flowers in the farm. The sheep is eating grass in their circles. Oh. You see, the two pigs are chatting with each other. You can also hear of the singing of the sheep and the birds. In the field, the carrot is growing; you could have a harvest soon. You will ask that where do you live? You can image that you will live in a little room, but the room is warm and clean. Would you like to be a farmer now? Welcome to our farm.

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