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Light Bot

Puzzle Games

Welcome to the Light Bot, a puzzle game on Artificial intelligence is hard to program. Not every bot ever created can maneuver and function on its own. Rater, some robots run along a path that the programmer presets for them for various situations. Your job is to light up all the blue titles in the factory by the commands you issue to the light-bot. So you need to plan ahead. Good luck!

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Broken Robot Love

The puzzle game Broken Robot Love is brought to you by In this game, you are expected to send the robot to portals. Control its movements with the arrows or WASD. When you are in need of blocks to step, press down X and use arrow keys to move it to where you want. You must act quickly before they disappear. There are more free games for you on this website. Entertain yourself here!

Robots Initiate Work Sequence

Robots Initiate Work Sequence is a miscellaneous game provided by In this game your job is to build houses for your robots. Click the metals to collect them. Then click an available construction sites to start building. Click the batteries to charge for energy. When batteries turn green, they are ready for recharge. You can get one more robots for bonus after building one house. Good luck!

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