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Machine Man

Adventure Games

Machine Man is an adventure game on in which you destroy turrets and fort in a machine factory. You are locked in a machine factory full of robots, traps and automatic attacking device. You are holding a machinegun and try to destroy all around and survive. Once the game starts, many metal wheels full of sharp spikes move quickly towards you. Once you are hit by one of them, your health will decrease. You can use arrow keys to jump and crouch down, and move left and right. After you demolish all wheels, two powerful turrets rise up from underground and throw bombs at you. You have to avoid being shot. Just use your gun to fire at the turrets. Then a moving laser machine appears in the screen. It moves up and down and shoots out laser to kill you. You have to jump from one platform to another for avoiding its laser. Something more dangerous may happen afterwards. Do you want to know more? Join now.

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