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Mad Shark

Action Games

Mad Shark, which is an adventure game on As everybody know it, a shark is a very ferocious animal which living in the sea. Shark is also a king of the ocean animals, they also eat other kinds of small fishes, so under the sea, everyone,every kinds of fishes and other animals are afraid of sharks. At here, you have to pretending that you are a shark, you are going to kill those people who are coming to disturb the ocean peace people. Use your keypad, the spacebar is bite, be careful, do not let any one to kill you, cause you are the king of the ocean!

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Paranormal Shark Acfivity is an action game provided by Move with the left and right arrow keys. Press the spacebar to jump. Say no to shark fin soup. Remember: make sure away from the shake. Run away as soon as possible. Don’t let the shark around you. There are all kinds of games here in this website, and they are totally free! Just enjoy yourself and have fun here! Good luck!

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