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Magic Eggs

Classic Games

What can Pokemon the elf with magic power do? Try Magic Eggs, a skill game on in which your mission is to help Pokemon get as many chicks as possible. Above Pokemon there are several rows of eggs which will break if hit by the ball, and chicks will fall down the moment the eggs break. Pokemon’s job is to bounce the ball when it falls down so to prevent it from falling out of the game area and meanwhile collect the dropping chicks. You have to be as nimble as possible otherwise you are easy to lose the game. Have fun!

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Eggs vs Robots

Eggs vs Robots is free for you on This is a shooting game. In this game, you are escaping from your enemies. They attack you from both ground and air. Use the mouse to target and left click to shoot. Press the space bar to fire rockets. Destroy the boxes to get ammo and power ups. You earn money by killing enemies. You can use the money to upgrade your equipment after each level. Now, let’s fire!

Monkey Go Happy Eggs

Adventure game Monkey Go Happy Eggs is free on! The mission in this game is to help the monkey to get happy. There are eggs hidden in the map. Click to find all of them out. Click at the objectives and characters to get interaction for clues. Collect the clues and apply them to the right spots to solve the puzzles. At the top right corner, you can check the amount of the eggs you have found. Have fun!

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