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Manic Medic

Puzzle Games

Manic Medic is an arcade game on in which you will drive your ambulance around the city to pick up patients. Press the arrow keys to move your ambulance move forward, reverse, turn left or turn right. Avoid knocking with other cars. It will damage your ambulances. Here is a crash meter. If the crash meter is completely consumed, the game is lost. Also you should pay attention to the time counters. It shows how long they have been waiting, and you must arrive at the destination within 7 minutes. The ambulance maximum is 2 patients. So you have to stop at the hospital to empty your ambulance and go quickly for there may be another patient wait for your help. Are you ready? Click and point now!

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In the action game Battlefield Medic, your task is to drive the medic car through the battle field as far as possible. Tilt with left and right keys, accelerate with the up arrow and drop with the down key. Press X to use rocket so as to kill enemies. You earn money by killing enemies. The distance you covered also affect the money you earn. Buy extra fuel in the shop. Now, drive as fast as you can! More free games on are waiting for you!

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