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Mario Power Coins

Mario Games

Mario Power Coins is an arcade game on in which you play the super Mario; help Mario collect gold bonuses and mushrooms falling from the sky. Only three kinds of bonus you can take: the small gold which will add 100 points to your score, the elliptical gold with a tortoise on its surface can add 500 points to you. And the mushroom can add 1000 points! In addition, there are several of obstacles such as stone shield, clusters of fire, yellow pills, and black bottles. They can all lessen your lives and points, so be careful not be drooped by them. Use arrow keys to control the person. Accept the good thing while avoid the bad. You can choose your role between Mario (the man in red hat and blue clothes) and Luigi (the man in green hat and purple clothes); I’m sure you will take a good view with green mountains and have good mood in this game.

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