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Mario Remix

Mario Games

Mario Remix is an arcade game on in which you will become Super Mario and adventure a lot. There are three levels of games for you to choose to play. In Super Mario world, you should try your best to reach the destination regardless of various difficulties. There are evil opponents and turtles which will attack you. You will become stronger after eating a mushroom, but you will become smaller or even die if you are attacked. There are moving beams in the sky for you to jump on. You can move by pressing arrow keys. If you want to jump, press Z. You will die if you fall off the valley or you are hurt by a fire dragon. There is also another level game of fighting with others. You can choose an opponent before you start the game. You can press Z to shoot the opponent. The third type of Super Mario’s game is flying in the space. When you are flying in the endless space, you will see many planes or air armadas. If you crash with them, you will be blown up and die. You should press Z to shoot them and make enough room to fly through. Choose one level of Super Mario’s games and enjoy yourself.

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Fancy Pants Adventure Remix is a free adventure game. In the game, you are going to control a guy wearing fancy pants. Your goal is to send the guy into portals. Use arrows to control the movements. Jump on enemies to kill them. Press the key S to open the door. Collect all bonuses along your way to increase your health point. Once you collect 100 bonuses, you can add a life. This game is on Have fun!

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