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Mars Patrol

Shooting Games

Mars Patrol is a skill game on in which you control the tank to kill all the enemies. Use the up arrow to move rover forward in the direction turret is pointing. The left arrow is for turning turret 90 degrees counter-clockwise. When the right arrow to turn turret 90 degrees clockwise. Down arrow move rover backward opposite the direction turret is pointing. The “F” fire plasma cannon, while the “D” to drop mine, and the “S” fire/use special. You must know the valley, hill, start, end, rock, and crater terrain clearly, because some weapon can not be used. You may come across many enemies such as spider, hive, dozer, drone, turret, and shield. Every enemy is different. You should be careful. When you kill the enemy, you can get some bonuses--the ammo, mines or rover. It will be challenging. Play now!

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