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Marvin Spectrum

Action Games

Marvin Spectrum is a skill games on in which you will be a runner in a laboratory. Your task is to pass the test. Once it starts, you will be located in a laboratory, you have to jump when you encounter the upward arrow, and duck when there is a downward arrow, you must dive when you see two arrows. In the process, the speed of your running will be faster and faster, so you have to smarter and smarter. When you pass the level A, then you will come to level S, and then D, F. Please match the color of the gate before you through it. When you are on level A, you are blue. Then on level S, you are green. And on level D, you are red. At last, on level F, you are purple. So the difficult of the game is bigger and bigger. Both of your hands will participate in the game, it’s very funny.

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