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Master of Disguise

Puzzle Games

Master of Disguise is a click and point arcade game on in which you try to help a lovely squirrel named Stitch dress up various clothes for disguise. When the Bounty Hunters come to Stitch’s door, one of the pictures on the wall will light up. Your job is to dress Stitch exactly like the picture. You have a set amount of time to search Stitch’s room and find all four parts of the costume. You can click the costume parts to dress Stitch. If you dress him in the four matching parts of the correct costume before the timer runs out, Stitch is safe. But if you are too slow, or if the costume is wrong, the Bounty Hunters will see him and you will lose the game. You may disguise him to be a musician, a wizard, a dancer, a modern lady… Have fun!

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