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McDonald's Videogame


McDonald’s Videogame is a classic game on in which you will have a chance to run and manage McDonald Corporation by yourself and acquire knowledge about McDonald. Making money in a big corporation is not simple at all. Behind every sandwich there is a complex process you must learn to manage. As do all modern corporations, McDonald’s manages production in different parts of the world. You have to supervise all the four sectors: Agricultural section, feedlot, Fast food and Headquarters. In agricultural sector, you will know that if McDonald had to rear all the cattle they need in their part of the world, the cities would drown in an ocean of cow shit. Pastures and soy culture need a lot of land and South America is one of the best places for it. Obviously you have to conquer your land as their forefathers did. You should remember the old saying: under every forest there is a lawn. You will also get much information in other sectors. Once you learn the process, you can start the game and run the company by yourself. Try to earn more money by offering hamburgers, sandwiches, meats, hotdogs, and other food to customers. Good luck!

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