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Mechanical Commando

Shooting Games

Mechanical Commando, as a skill game, is very hot on They sold themselves for the money. They are fully qualified, cruel and professional as well. Armored with the latest hi-tech massacre weapons, they can infiltrate into the well-guarded base, sabotage the secret weapon manufacturing port, and assassinate the head of the enemy organization. They control the battlefield, playing a decisive role on the land. Good luck!

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Commando 2

Action game Commando 2 is free for you on The mission of this game is to kill all the enemies. Select your hero and weapons before start the game. Move your hero with the keys WASD. Shift among Q/E to change your weapons. Target with the mouse and press the left mouse button to attack. You earn points by killing enemies. Collect the leftovers of the dead enemies to win better score. Avoid enemies’ attacks!

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