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Adventure Games

Mesiria is an adventure game on in which you will have a very amazing journey with a ship. Once it starts, you will find a very old book which tells you an old story which you will experience later. Then press the space key, you will go into another picture. That is the sea, listening to the sound of waves and sea gull, a big ship is coming. Then you take on the ship and begin your adventure. There is an old man in the ship. Then the old book will tell you more things about the adventure story. When the ship is voyaging in the sea, there will have some monsters that are living in the sea. The creep onto the deck of the ship, if you can’t kill them, they will kill you. So you have to go on the deck and choose you arms to fight with them. There have sword, knife and so on. You can use them to protect yourself and kill them.

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