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Metal Slug Brutal

Shooting Games

Metal Slug Brutal is a classic game on in which you fight Vietnam soldiers as one of elite special-troops. The battle happened in a small town. There is nobody in the street. Everything is so quiet, but all are surrounded by dangers. You, an elite solder, was assigned to complete a special mission for which you had to fight by yourself and shoot enemies. Use your arrow keys to move and press z to fire at enemies. At the beginning, you only had a pistol, but all enemies held rifles. The situation was so dangerous. You had to protect yourself at first and then try to kill the Vietnam soldiers. You can throw bombs on them or kill them by a knife. Avoid bullets from enemies. There are totally 7 lives for you. You must destroy a helicopter to finish the mission. The helicopter was powerful and hard to smash. It threw bombs at you. Dodge them and move nimbly. This is your performance. Join now!

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