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Mirrors Edge 2D

Action Games

Mirrors Edge 2D is a skill game, in this game your target is to collect as many icons as you can and reach the destination as soon as you can. You will see many red volumes on the road, and when you touch it, a dialog box will opened automatically, it will give you enough information and guide around for the next challenge. You can press the “S” key to jump, press the Left arrow key to run leftward, press the Right arrow key to run rightward, press Down arrow key to squat down. Attention, the key of this game is to being a runner to keep moving, to use what’s around you to develop your advantage. Low walls should not slow you down too much. You should learn to use ledges to keep going forward, or hold jump to catch some air. When you want to climb upon the wall, you should try to hold the direction towards a wall and you will cling to it. If you hold up and towards the wall while hitting the wall, you can climb up a short distance. More over you can wall jump. Good luck!!

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