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Building Rush

Building Rush is a miscellaneous game provided by The new town is under construction, and your job is to build a plant and help with the construction. Click on the plant icon and set it on an empty place to build it. Make materials according to the order and then deliver the goods to construction sites. Just click corresponding icons to finish your job. Enjoy it!

Costumes dHalloween

People dress up fancy at Halloween. Come to dress up in the game Costumes dHalloween. This is a free miscellaneous game. There is a beauty in the game who wants to be dressed for the Halloween. Besides her are different costumes. Click at the costumes and then drag them to the beauty. Release the click to dress them. When you finish, press the first button on the top right. There are more free games on

Five Minutes To Kill Yourself Wedding Day

Five Minutes To Kill Yourself Wedding Day is miscellaneous. Use the mouse to move around. Click on objects or people to interact with them, or hold the mouse button down and point in any direction to move around. Some items work is conjunction with others. Keep an eye out for potential combo items like this. You only have 5 minutes, so be quick. Visit to enjoy this free game!

Ants Warriors

Ants Warriors is a miscellaneous game presented by Your goal is to seize all enemy buildings. Click at one building and drag to another one and release to increase your troops. To seize them requires the strong power of your defenders. You are also supposed to seize enemy buildings and take over all the golden mines so that you have money to upgrade yourself for better skills and equipment. Good luck!

Robots Initiate Work Sequence

Robots Initiate Work Sequence is a miscellaneous game provided by In this game your job is to build houses for your robots. Click the metals to collect them. Then click an available construction sites to start building. Click the batteries to charge for energy. When batteries turn green, they are ready for recharge. You can get one more robots for bonus after building one house. Good luck!


Play free game Skywire on

Five Minutes to Kill Yourself Reloaded

Five Minutes to Kill Yourself Reloaded is miscellaneous. Hold the mouse button down while pointing in any direction to move around. Click on objects or people to interact with them. Use M key to bring up the map and orient yourself. You can choose the more powerful tools to damage yourself. It will shorten your life. Wish you good luck in this classic game. Enjoy more free games at Have fun!

Clicker Monsters

Clicker Monsters is a free miscellaneous game provided to you by The game is totally mouse control. Your task is to damage the monster in each level. Every time you click, the monster will hurt and you can get money. Upgrade your weapons with the money. Different weapons have different damage point. Stronger weapons are needed to attract stronger monsters. You must finish their health point in the time given.


In this miscellaneous game Spitter, your objective is to spit the crows into death. Before the final battle, you are supposed to strengthen yourself first. Collect all 24 socks and spit down all the stars out of the window. Click at objectives to get interaction and finish the training required. Click at the achievements board hanging on the fridge to know your status. This free game is on

Naughty Vacation

The summer vacation is coming! There are many hot chicks and many interesting plots in the game Naughty Vacation. You are supposed to control the male characters to fool the female ones. Click at Hint to get what you need to do. Click at objectives to trigger events and get interaction with characters. New plots show after you finish one task. Remember, your time is limited. This miscellaneous game is provided by

Spring Break Spa Day

You are a dresser in the miscellaneous game Spring Break Spa Day. You are supposed to dress girls to fit certain scenes. Click on the screen at certain items to get hints about your actions. All the movement can be finished with the mouse. There are bevies of girls here waiting for you! Are you ready? Now, let’s enjoy this game to get entertainment! There are more free games on


Play free game Starmageddon on

Tropical Ice Tycoon

Tropical Ice Tycoon is a free miscellaneous game. Visit to join it. You are going to run ice stands in the game. The mission for you is to make money and to be the ice king by managing your price, inventory and raw material. There are 5 places for you to explore. The kitchen is for you to make recipes and you are supposed to buy stands at every other place. The game is mouse control. Show your talent here!

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a highly appreciated miscellaneous game on for free. Protect your lands from the enemy attack. Build defensive towers along the road to stop them. Earn gold by killing enemies and use them to upgrade your power. Build towers on the strategic points to stop the enemy horde from getting through. Get more tips and hints by clicking ENCYCLOPEDIA. Good luck!

Tropical Police Parking

Tropical Police Parking offers you 20 hard parking spots. Your goal is to park your car exactly at these spots. Move with the arrows and brake with the space bar. The space bar is also for slide. There are many other cars and obstacles. Try to avoid touching them or your car will be damaged. When you upgrade your levels, there will be more advanced cars unlocked for you. This miscellaneous game is on Have fun!


Solarmax is a miscellaneous game provided by Drag a line from the earth to the moon. Click on empty space to deselect. A ring will form around a planet when it is being colonized. Colonized planets will produce ships for you. Press P to pause the game and spacebar to deselect. Drag over multiple planets to combine fleets. Click on planets to send fleet. Good luck!

Click Death Hair Salon

Click Death Hair Salon is a miscellaneous game provided by The aim here is to kill everyone and make sure no one sees it happening. When you found anywhere is dangerous, you can click there quickly! Carry out the task as quickly as possible. Don’t forget that avoid anyone sees what you did. Challenge these funny games right now! This game is totally free. Just enjoy yourself here.

Hall Of Arts 3

There are some figures hidden in the hall of arts. Your job is to find them and pick them up. Click the figures of one single category to earn 20 additional chances of clicks, because your initial chances of clicks are limited. Collect the hidden objects to win the game. Choose the difficulties before starting the game. This miscellaneous game Hall Of Arts 3 is provided by Enjoy yourself!

Gem Hunter

Play free game Gem Hunter on

Monster Bastion

Select a monster to upgrade. Four panels allow you to upgrade your towers, golems, monsters and spells. Build towers to neutralize enemies. Prevent enemies from getting through this point. Gain coins by killing invaders. The target is to stop the empire from breaking through. Click on a base. Tip: use more than one fortress to effectively block the enemy waves. This miscellaneous game Monster Bastion is available at

Kick The Critter

Kick The Critter is a miscellaneous game provided on Join it to relax yourself. The mission of this game is to kick the hero away and attack other monsters in the game. Click at the rock throwing machine and drag to set the angle. Then click again to set the power and release to kick the hero. When the hero is in mid air, left click to attack others and press the space bar to use your tools. Enjoy it!

Hair Expert

We often wash our hair in daily life. Now Hair Expert comes! You need to wash and rinse hair. Please click and hold the button to turn on water. You can choose one in four air shampoos. There are different effects on hair. After washing hair, you can become a true hairdresser. You can have quite a variety: cutting, coloring, perm and regular. It is provided by This miscellaneous game is totally free.

Five Minutes To Kill Yorself Airport Edition

Boy, you have to cause a real mess in 5 minutes in the airport, your death place! After ages of heartbreaking waiting in the endless line, you have just landed on the edge of insanity... Use your brain and courage to KILL YOURSELF with all ingenuity and sincerity! With a determination, you can even turn cute doggies into lethal weapons. Tap M to see map and feel free to walk around the airport looking for troubles! Use your mouse to interact and choose your dialogue lines - I hope you just know the right words to offend the right guy. If you enjoy the cute flash game Five Minutes To Kill Yourself Airport Edition brought to you by, don’t forget to help us spread the word and share the fun! You are just on your way to be tomorrow’s headline, “Psycho at the Airport Committing a Legendary Suicide”!

Gulf Defence

Your aim in this game Gulf Defence is to protect your oil and eliminate the enemies. You only have eight barrel of oil. Move your mouse to set your shooting angle and power. Remember: don’t let the enemies go back their position with oil. Otherwise you will lose the game. Make use of the objects in the game. Enjoy this free miscellaneous game at All games here are free. Come on!

Cursed Treasure Level Pack

In the game Cursed Treasure Level Pack, your goal is to keep your gems from being stolen. Enemies go from the entrance to the cave, take one gem and carry it back to the entrance. The mission will be completed. To destroy the enemies you should build towers. Be sure you have enough golds to afford a tower. You will earn gold for each destroyed enemy. Enjoy more miscellaneous games on

Bus Driver Weekdays

Bus Driver Weekdays is a miscellaneous game. It’s free provided by Your task is to pick up passengers and deliver them to the next bus station. Drive with the arrows or WASD and brake with the space bar. Press M to check the map. Find the shortest way or you will consume too much fuel. Try not to crash into obstacles, and follow the red arrow to move on. Ready? Go!

Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure is a miscellaneous game provided by Towers gain experience for shooting at enemies. If a tower has enough experience you can upgrade it to the next level. So if you see UP icon over a tower, click on it and upgrade the tower in the tower’s window. You can control the speed of the game with time control buttons. Wish you good luck! Have fun!

Driver's ED

An extremely original play since it is proposed to you to pass some practical tests of the driving licence. You have the possibility of exerting you before throwing you to water, but attention, any variation will see yourselves sanctioned by an inspector grumbler, even furious if you run up against an obstacle... This play is played with the directional arrows, neither more, nor less..... Good luck! (Translated by Google)


You have to raise 8 rabbits in an electrically secured fence. Put a male and a female rabbit together to let them do sex ;), and they will make a little rabbit in a few secondes. Don't forget there are meteors falling every few seconds. It's harder than it sounds!


Electronic pet is designed for those who need something to care about and don’t have time to look after a real creature. Have you ever thought that you can have your pet on the computer? Tame-Bal is an arcade game on in which you have to treat your little pet, actually a small ball, well enough so that he can earn points and gold for you. You can make her do some actions or give her some entertainment. Make her smile but not cry—that’s of no good to you. You can also take her to battle field to train her strength. Don’t ignore her. Have fun!

Citizen Kerry

Every man is responsible for his country. The nation’s safety, economy, defense are of most priorities. So as a model citizen, Kerry decide to help his motherland—America. Citizen Kerry is a skill game on in which your mission is to collect all the items that may be helpful to restore America. Actually the game is quite easy. You just need to move Kerry right and left to help him catch the following down issues which are associated with people’s health, economy and defense. Try to collect as many as you can. Good luck!

Pet Puzzle

People usually say they love their pets, and that seems true. They buy their dogs or cats or other pets delicious food, beautiful clothes and give those lovelys health care and a lot of attention. They maybe even call their pet sons or sisters. But how many can remember their pals’ gesture at only one glance? Now you can test you love for animals in Pet Puzzle, a puzzle game on You choose one of the cute pet photos, and then the computer will divide the photo into 16 parts. Your mission is to drag and drop these fragments back to right positions. Are you ready to challenge your memory!


Usually people value human beings’ lives very much because human is kind of intelligent species. How do you estimate the value of micro lives? Are they worthless or priceless? Microlife is an arcade game on in which your mission is to keep your creatures alive and well—their lives are in your hand! Watch out your money level. If you run out of funds, you can cash in Microlife eggs. Life’s even harder with the evil Catchers about. They steal away young Micro and force them to work in the jewel mines. You need strong Defenders for protection. The Microlife learn fast but you must keep them long enough so they can develop their skills. Eventually they will build a spaceship and escape to a better place. Will you help them?

Virtual Bubblewrap

Virtual Bubblewrap is an arcade game on in which if you like to pinch the fresh sheet but failed to find the fresh sheet, this game will release your distress. Here is a blue square fresh sheet. You can click on them to knead. If you are too bored to click on it, the manic mode can help solve the problem. In this mode, just move your mouse from side to side in the square range, the bubble will break automatic. While you have broken all the bubbles, press the Fresh Sheet to restart the game again.

Lust for Bust

Lust for Bust is an arcade game on in which your buddy’s hot sister is seated next to you on the green sofa. She’s so sexy. She is dressed in a lavender condole and pink pants. She has a short curl blond hair. So, guys, what should we do? You are seating next to a hot number! Try to peep at her and don’t let her aware you peep at her. Here is an ogle-meter at the left upper screen. Once you have successful peep, the bar will change to blue color. And the large range of your movement can help you increase your ogle-meter faster. Behind the ogle-meter is a blue time counter. If you are catch by her or you run out of your time, a big beer-can will drop to hit you. The game is lost. Manage your time.

Jaba The Zit

When you are 13 and 3/4 years old, were you unwilling to go out because of the nasty acnes on your face? Now you have a chance to clean up in the bathroom. Jaba The Zit is a skill game on where you can take revenge on annoying acnes. There will be 30 zits appearing on the screen and then disappearing quickly. All you should do is to pop as many as you can by clicking on them with your mouse. The faster you pop them. The more points you will get. Are you ready to recreate your face?

Dress Up Lilly

Dress Up Lilly is a arcade game on in which you dress up Lilly. Click “PLAY”, game begin. There is a vibrant and beautiful girl on the left of the scene, diverse kinds of clothes include underwear、T-shirts、sweaters、coats、skirts、jeans、shoes and different types of decorates like stockings、guns、sports equipments are on the right of the map. Your mission is to choose reasonable decorations to dress up her. There are ten different kinds of templates to choose, you can move her clothes off or add other decorations on her. And there are four types of backgrounds and four types of music, if you don’t like the music, you can stop it.

Desktops of Future

Desktops of Future is an arcade game on in which you can have an insight into the future desktops and technology what we may soon face. Once the game started, you can see your mouse goes like watermark in the screen, go on and you will see snake on the lawn which has red eyes, a liana with flowers and honeybee around it, fluorescence in the sky. Japanese on the screen, polar lights appear by seaside, moving icons on the desktop, broadcasting studio, a minor planet rushing to the earth, a lamentable animal in the desert, the Union Jack and stars and stripes waving before their palaces. Then you will see your tour end all of them are moving with your mouse and are supernatural. It’s a so exciting and amazing world. Click and play now.

Stress Relief Aquarium 3

Nowadays, with the quicker pace of life, people have great stress, therefore many even suffer depression. How to relieve your tension? Stress Relief Aquarium 3 is an arcade game on in which you can remove your stress by torturing an innocent fish in the aquarium. Different from Stress Relief Aquarium 2, you will have more ways to torture the cartoon fish. For example you can punch or eject it out of its home or you can use the deafening gunshot sound to scare it. Have fun!

The Shell Game

The Shell game is a small game to test your observation skill, the man will put the white ball into one of the three cups on the table, and he will change the position of the cups very quickly, just look carefully and find in which cup is hidden the ball.

3D Tunnel

3D Tunnel, which is a miscellaneous game on One day you driving your ship to check your soldiers out, they are living very far away form your house. Usually you give some missions and orders to them everytime you leaving. But you would not know that if they follow your order or not. You do not like them, they do not like you, either. So they set a tunnel for you, you must drive your ship very carefully, cause if your ship touch the tunnel bar, otherwise your ship would be destroyed by their plan, and you probably gonna die. Be careful!


Centrifuge is an arcade game on in which you will control a rolling wheel to hit those white balls. There is a red spot appear at the wheel each time. And there are many white balls that move to you, chick on your left mouse button to throw these red spot and let them hit those white balls as many as possible. There are many other signals appear around at some time. Let your red spot hit them, so you can gain more scores or speed up etc. Don’t let these white balls contact with you rolling wheel. If your wheel contact with too many balls, the game will be over. Gain more points as possible. Click and point now!

Lost Marbles

Watch out - it's a maze out there, with lots of obstacles. Use your mouse to navigate through the maze. Spacerbar speeds up the maze. Finish levels quickly for extra lives.

Dress Up Bill

A celebrity dress up game. The actor of this game is Bill Clinton. Press the blue button to change the dressing.

High Heel

A skill testing game to play tieh your mouse. It is just enough to click at the good time to bring a blow of hammer to the level them heels and thus to lower the shoe with the height desired. Attention not to be been mistaken and make fall the young lady bus in this case you lose a life and money.

Cup Game 1

Cup Game is a skill game on in which you try to find which cup the ball is inside. Once the game starts, there is a devil talking to you. He wants to play a hard game with you. There are three cups on the table. And he will put a ball into one of the three cups. Then he changes the position of the cups so quickly that you don’t know which cup contains the ball. But you have to find the ball out, or you will be killed by this devil. You shall try to complete 20 levels and you only have one chance to guess where the ball is for each level. Once you give the wrong answer, the game is over. Do you want to accept this challenge? Play it now.

Viste a la Tipa

Viste a la Tipa is an action game on in which you help a beautiful women dress up. There are many clothes for your choice and it is like a clothes closet. At first, you can choose your favorite hair style from the black hair and red hair. Second, you can select the under wear, white or black is ok. Third, and the more important, you select the clothes and trousers, or the skirt which you consider they can match. It has a blue T-shirt, a purple coat, pink and orange skirt, a pair of brown and blue trousers, a pair of black boots and other shoes or socks, and so on. What’s more, there are some other ornaments too. After you dress up the lovely women, you can give her a pair of glasses, or a belt which make her more fashion.

Winter Dress Up 1

Winter dress up, which is an arcade game on you have a dream of becoming a dress designer? This would be a nice chance for you to being a designer and test your dressing taste. You can also training your color dispose for the clothes. In this cold winter, Daisy is going to a date, but she has no idea what to wear for dating?! Do you have any idea of what to wear outside for this lovely girl, Daisy? There are many different styles of clothes waiting you to put on her! There are dress, scarves, hats, jeans, boots, skirt…etc, depend on your sight to put them on Daisy’s body and wish her has a nice date!

Create a Ride

Create a Ride, which is a miscellaneous game on A car, always a man’s second wife, even they love their cars more than everything they have, people always spend a lot of money to refit their cars, just want to make it look better or riding faster. In this game, you can choose the car model and brand you want, there are Honda, Ford, Volkswagen... etc. You can choose the car colors you want and decide the backdrop yourself. Enjoy your driving trip and create your favorite car here.

Voodoo Boss

Select one of the tools from the voodoo boss menu and then click on any part of the doll. Immediate results Guaranteed!

Roof Top Rollers

Roof Top Rollers is an arcade game on in which you should click on the instruments to make those cats swing. Once the game starts, you should use the mouse to click on the instruments and the musical instruments play very pleasant music. When the lovely cat hears the music, she will swing. There are several kinds of instruments. For example, it has guitar, piano and drum. The better you play the game, the much nicer music the instruments make and the cat will be more pleasant and swing frequently. You will place yourself in a relaxed environment while you play the game. The player and the cat will be very happy and it will achieve the effect which satisfies both sides. Are you ready? Please enjoy yourself. Have fun.

Meat Grill

People love barbecue because it needs participation. It is understandable because people will regard those they have taken part with as more valuable. Do you want to do barbecue on the computer? Meat Grill is a skill game on in which your job is to bake as much meat as possible. You first put your meat on the grill and then reverse it to bake it’s the other side. Pay attention to the roasting time, because if you broil the meat too long, it will turn brown, and if you don’t bake it enough time, it will be too raw to eat. Enjoy it!

Count Game

Count Game is a skill game on in which you try to click the numbers in turn to test you agility. You can choose 7 levels as every level has different scenes and different difficulty. There is one thing you need to do, just click in order the numbers 1-10 as they pop up. You only have a certain amount of time before you lose. Circles with a green cross give you 100 points. Circles with a red minus sign take 100 points. Don’t get too carried away, because losing a level will cost you 150 points. Beware of fake numbers. And if you clear a number of stages you will enter the bonus level, click on as many bonus circles (green circle) as you can to get more points. Have fun!

Ask The Spirits

Ask The Spirits is an arcade game on in which you are about to use the Spirit Board. There are six candles lighting around the board. And the board has some magic power. If you are under the age of 15 years or have a nervous disposition, please leave now. We do not recommend using this whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The spirit Board is a pagan form of communication with the dead. You can ask the spirits your question but be careful not to upset them. Enter your name and year of birth to begin. There is a sun and a moon on the board. And the spade on it can move and point to some numbers or yes or no when you ask something. You may ask, how old are you? What is your name? and so on. Sometimes the board can show you some terrible accidents that happened before. Good luck.

Create a Snowman

Create a Snowman, it is a kid game on In occidental cultures and the northern hemisphere, snowmen are considered a symbol of the winter holiday season for many, and they often appear on Christmas cards and on front yards.According to old diaries and chronicles, this activity dates back to at least the Middle Ages, when in Europe every new snowfall would find townsfolk making snowmen in the streets. It is nearly impossible to build a snowman out of any type of snow other than packing snow. Packing snow is formed when regular powder snow comes near its melting point and becomes moist and compactible. This allows for the construction of large balls of snow by simply rolling a ball of snow until it grows the desired size. Attempting to make a snowman out of powdered snow is extremely difficult since it will not stick to itself. And if packing snow is not rolled into snowballs before it freezes, it will form an unusable denser form of powdered snow called crust. Thus the best time to build a snowman is usually in the next warmest afternoon directly following a snowfall with a sufficient amount of snow. Let’s create a snowman and dress up for him!

Sweet Anais

Sweet Anais is an arcade game on This game is not suitable for persons under the age of 18. It contains scenes of strong nudity and sexual themes. Once the game starts, Anais is on your sofa and ready for you…You are a lucky boy. Don’t disappoint her…You can select the good caress and she let you remove her clothing… before offering to you much more… But, to give Anais an orgasm, you must be able to control your own pleasure… There is a green gauge in the game that is measure of your pleasure. If it is full, you will be Cumming and you lose the game. With some icons, you can click and move mouse to rub Anais on various places on her body or to remove off clothes or move body parts. There is also another pink gauge that is measure of Anais pleasure. If it is full, she has an orgasm and you win. Good luck!

Pornstar or Popstar

Pornstar or Popstar is an arcade game on in which you try to distinguish a woman whether she is a porn star or a pop star. In the middle of totally blue screen there will appear a woman’s photo with the part of face hidden. On the left is a big star with purple letters porn star while the same star with blue letters pop star on the right. You can distinguish her from the rest of the photo and then make your choice. After 10 photos you can have your points to see if you are familiar with the show business. It is not as easy as it looks, but it is as slutty as it looks. Good luck!

Piano Animal

Professional singers need to play scales for a long time before they start singing songs. Do you know that animals can also play the musical scales? Piano Animal is an arcade game on in which you will hear different animals playing scales with their own calls. You first choose an animal such as cat, bird, fish etc, then you click the piano to see what their calls would be like on different gamut. You will find it is quite interesting. Enjoy it!


In this game, a balle is at the top of a combination of slopes and flat parts. Your aim is to bring the ball down the slope into the hole at the bottom, without it getting out of the way. For this purpose, you have to guide it with the arrows of your keyboard. Two arrows can be combined to make the ball go diagonally. This game is difficult and need time practicing until you are able to get the ball's moving under control. There are several levels of difficulty. Good luck.

Tribal Tattoo Maker

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


Severance is an arcade game on in which you will kick a human head into the air for shooting a hanging person. Are you a white-collar worker? Do you often feel angry about your work pressure? It you answer yes, you need a chance to give vent to your pent-up emotions. Here is the chance. A man in suit is hanging in the ceiling by ropes. On the ground there is a human head and the head makes a face to you. If you become angry, you can kick the head into the air. One thing is important that you must make sure that the kicked head can shoot any part of the body of the hanging person. Once the flying head shoot his arm, the arm will break and fall down to ground. Once the kicked head shoots the head of the hanging person, his head will break and fall down. The blood dyes the ground red. You totally have five chances to kick it. Try to shoot the body for a high score. You can adjust the angle and the strength you want to use. Do you want to have a try? Join now.

Trop ca rend sourd

Trop ca rend sourd is an arcade game on in which you are in control of a dancer in a discotheque. You are one of the six teenagers hanging around the gate of a discotheque in an evening. Today is Saturday and your several guys want to enjoy a good time inside this discotheque. But you are all young persons and are not allowed to enter this kind of place of amusement. The manager here is annoyed with your harassment, so he agrees that one of your guys can enter the discotheque and dance for a while. You can click one of the characters to enter it. The lights inside is shining and colorful. You must be careful and avoid being struck by sound waves that is released from sound boxes. Once you are struck by the music wave, your health will decrease. And when you lose all your health, the game is over. Are you clear? Enjoy yourself and good luck!

Kiki Game

Kiki Game is a skill game on in which your job is to operate the lovely needle to shoot dangerous virus. The needle seems a little clumsy so you need excellent operation skill which means you have to aim at the mine-like virus correctly. Don’t let them touch the needle because if touched, your weapon will turn into red which means emergent infection situation and you may soon lose your game if your bone is all red. Don’t forget to take bonuses which will help you in a various way. Good luck!

President 2007

A political flash game on the topic of the presidential election 2007 in France. You choose your candidant among all those presented then the race starts. You run while supporting alternatively on left and right-hand side of your keyboard and you jump above the hedges with top. Attention the race is long-term and your justified adversaries.


Garbage, which is a skill game on Mostly everyone have a computer or laptop, when we are busy, we always forgot to clean our desktop, so we always make our desktop amass a lot of garbages. At this time for cleaning the desktop, we will need the recycle bin to help us. In this game, what you have to do is move the recycle bin by your mouse and catch those garbage you are going to delete, then you will finish your mission, but do not lost three garbages, otherwise you will lose. Enjoy your game!

Amateur Surgeon

Play free game Amateur Surgeon on

Ham Escape

Hams can not stand the inhuman treatment at the butcher’s, so they decide to run away pursuing freedom. As a very warm-hearted person, you decide to help them. Ham Escape is a skill game on in which your mission is to help as many hams escape as possible within 60 seconds. The bridge hams will pass has a lot of gaps which need planks to cover, but the problem is there aren’t so many planks! So you have to switch planks to the wanted places to help hams get away. Try to be nimble so to save more innocents. Be helpful! Good luck!

Mission To Mars 2

Mars is some place that people desire to explore. Through the past decades people have sent many detectors to Mars, trying to find something surprising. Now you can also experience an adventure to Mars in Mission To Mars, a skill game on, in which you need to avoid the meteors using your three lives in the allocated time and land your spacecraft on Mars. Try to be nimble because those approaching meteors fly so quickly and randomly so that they are easy to destroy your spacecraft. Good luck!

The Waitress

The Waitress is a game in which you must take the customer orders, to serve them by always paying attention to keep a good level of satisfation (small the smilies). You will have to also pay attention to the behaviour of the restaurant, by cleanning the tables... It is a small amusing game, and which promises to make spend a good moment to calms, without being sharp with itself. (Translated by Google)

Castle Keeper

Castle Keeper is a fighting game on in which you will defend a beautiful castle. Your castle is at the foot of a mountain. Fertile soil and diligent workers and farmers make here a paradise. But unfortunately the king of your nearby castle wants to conquer you. So you have to fight back and defend the beautiful land. The war begins at the time of sunset. Enemies start their attack. Infantries holding sharp swords and adamant shields move to join the war. You only have archers to fight at the beginning. But afterwards you will have warrior, knight, ice arrow, fire arrow, cannon, lightning, and megalith, rain of arrows, hurricane, and board full of big nails. Warrior and knight will fight automatically. Ice arrow will damage and slow down the enemy for 10 seconds. Fire arrow will damage and burn the enemy for 10 seconds. Megalith will be released out of the castle and damage all the enemies in front. And the invaders also may attack at night and as time goes on cavalry also join the battle. It’s your duty to go on fighting. Use up and down to add or remove archers and press left and right keys to change the angle of shooting. Fight now!

Maganic Wars

Maganic Wars is a role cards turn based game from You have 5 cards each turn and you can decide one by clicking on it then you click on the execute button to play your turn. There are the modifiers and rules of the game, of course there are much more features to discover. The poison doesn’t kill you. You have to give an ending strike. When you are transformed if you dispel yourself you’ll loose you modifiers for one turn then they will be restored on the next turn. Some cards such as regeneration don’t have an icon but they can be dispelled too. Each time, when you win the round, you will be sent to a shop which sells magic cards. In the shop, you can buy the appreciate card which you need badly with you limited money. Have fun.

Match Up 1

Match Up, which is a puzzle game on Match up, as the words we used to know, make somethings together or when you seeing something, it makes you think about something else, that called Match. Now, there are different kind of poeple here on your screen, they are standing together, and you can see there are somethings moving in the cloud. Use your mouse to match those things and people up, just choose things who you remind, must be on time, otherwise you will lose. Best of luck!

Snap Trap

Snap Trap is a skill game on in which you set a trap to catch a greedy deer. It is in a shabby factory and many old spare parts and tools are placed on the shelf mussily. You are a worker of this factory, but it has no money to pay for your salary. You have had no cash to have lunch. So you must catch a deer. You put a beverage on the ground to bait the deer. A plastic box is used to catch it. And a flyswatter supports the box and a rope is tied to the flyswatter. Once the deer comes into the range of this plastic box, you must drag the rope quickly, and then the deer will be covered by the box. This is the way you catch the smart deer. Don’t drag the line in the process of this deer approaching the beverage, or it will be scared away. Are you ready? Good luck!


A flash version of Warcraft, one of the best video games on PC. You are using the human force, you need to use your paysants to collect lumb and gold, and make an army to attack your enemy who is on the other side of the screen.

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is a tradition celebrated on the night of October 31, most notably by children dressing in costumes and going door-to-door collecting sweets, fruit, and other treats. Apart from this trick-or-treating, there are many other traditional Halloween activities. Some of these include costume parties, watching horror films, going to "haunted" houses, and traditional autumn activities such as hayrides, some of these even "haunted". A more complete coverage of Hallowen customs can be found at Halloween traditions. In this game you are going to make yourself a halloween pumpkin, use your mouse to cut the pumpkin.

Asteroids Duel

Asteroids Duel is a shooting game on This game needs two players to fight against each other. You can enter your name first. Then choose the color of your fighter. The battle will happen in the outer space with numerous stars and other planets around your plane. You can shoot out bullets at your enemy. And dodge the attack from your opponent. Once you are shot too many times, your aircraft will crash and you will lose the game. Use some keys to control your fighter. During the fight, there will be many bonuses appearing in the sky. Try to collect the bonuses to gain shield, health, weapon, ammunition, upgrade and others. It is easy to play.

Trzy Kubki

Trzy Kubki is a puzzle game in in which you choose the right cup from wrongs. Once the game starts, three same cups will appear in front of you and a cardboard with flower pattern will be set in the first one. Then, after pressing the spacebar key, all the three ones begin to move quickly, since they set still, you have to use mouse left key to define target and choose the right one which has hidden cardboard. If you were right, you would automatically turn into a new game of higher degree of difficulty. You only way to continue this game is to keep right all the way, or, your game is over. Are you ready?Play now.


Have you ever tired of being a law-abiding citizen? Or have you ever wanted something exciting, different or even illegal? Now you have the chance. Carmageddon is a skill game on in which your mission is to kill as many people as possible within the 90 seconds. Once your car touches passers-by, you kill them instantly. So just drive your car towards the crowds and enjoy the rampage. Have fun!

Space Runner

Space Runner is a skill game on in which you act as a runner. There are lots of obstacles on the road. When you see an obstacle above, you can press up arrow key to jump. Otherwise you will be hit and fall. You should press down arrow key to roll to jump over other obstacles. To dive, you should press right arrow key. The game will be over if you fall for three times. So you should concentrate on this game and prevent yourself from falling. The farther you run, the more points you will get. You will reach level 2 if you manage to run 120 meters. Higher level is relatively difficult than level 1 and you should pay attention to numerous obstacles. Play now.

Ant City

A very good game for stress relief, you have in your hands a huge magnifying glass, and you can move it on the screen with your mouse, click on the mouse to focalize on a target, if you keep clicking several seconds on a objectif, this one will take fire and burn.

Tina Striptease

Tina Striptease is an arcade game on in which you will meet a very beautiful and fashion lady. She is wearing pink bikini and hat, black belt. She has long and black hair and slider build and white skin. One the game starts, she will be standing in a yard and dancing hot dance. You can press the space key to choose the matter which is being wearing on her. If you have the right choose, she will take off a cloth. It is very hot. Maybe you can call it striptease. I think you will like it very much.

O My Head

O My Head is an arcade game on in which you help customers to shave their hairs. Once the game starts, you will be located in a lovely barbershop. In the game, you are the beautiful barber in yellow shirt and red trousers. In order to keep you barbershop, you have to keep shaving hairs for customers before their hairs grow too long. There is only one rule: keep more skin heads on the screen to get more scores. If you can’t shave for them in time, you will lose customer and lose the game. Since you pass the level, you would be sent to a new level with higher degree of difficulty automatically. The game will last until you can’t finish your task. Good luck.

Christmas DIY

Another christmas game ! This time two kids made a trap on the way of the santa, and all the presents fall with the santa himself in the river, your objective is to fishing out all of them as soon as possible.

XXL Burger

You are engaged in the prefered fast-food of Fat T! You must prepare ordered burgers with the three proposed lists. Each box color corresponds to a receipt. Be careful: If you make mistakes, the burger will be lost and your points too! If you aren't to fast, if you can't take any command, you lose! First, Click on a food on the right and then on the box accorded to the same colored list.

Bubble Pop

Are you really bored with your office life? Do you want to do something new without your boss’s attention? Try Bubble Pop, an arcade game on in which you can kill your time by popping bubbles. The interesting part is that when you pop a bubble, there may appear a sentence that will make you laugh or feel surprised, but not every bubble can give you that. Hope this game will give you some joy within your office hour. Have fun!

Stop GMO

Let’s kill these genetically modified organisms! Click left or right arrow keys to move forward or backward, up arrow key to jump on the pumpkin, down arrow key to pick up weapons dropped by the allied bird. Press Space to hit or shoot. Collect cashes released by the exploded pumpkin to upgrade your weapons. Stop GMO, a miscellaneous game on for free, will definitely not let you down. Enjoy killing GMO for justice!

Foot and Mouth

Foot and Mouth is an arcade game on in which you try to protect a cow in the farm and prevent it from being stolen by masked men. You are an excellent guard. One day, a number of wolves pretend to be sheep and break into the farm. You have to kill them in several ways. You may use a machinegun to fire at them, or throw a grenade at them, or attack them with dynamite, or shoot them by a flamethrower. The invaders will be shot with their bodies full of holes, or be exploded into pieces, or be burnt into ashes. But when you use dynamite, one of them will put the dynamite into your pocket before its fuse burns out. Then you die and the masked men steal the cow. They put shoes on the four feet of the cow and cover the cow’s mouth. The cow can not shout at all. If you succeed in protecting the cow, you are then an official friend of the Irish Food Industry. Are you ready? Play now.


CrazyBall which is a kids game on Why it called a crazy ball? be cause it bouncing always and bouncing very high. The shiny crazy ball got a duty is that eat the shiny small ball which showing on the screen, use your keypad to control and direct the crazyball. The crazy ball can jump up to the bars to helping it to get the shiny small ball easier. If you got all the shiny small ball, it means you win the level of the game, then you can go on to the next level of it. Understand now? Enjoy your game!

Cook a Turkey

Rather intended for an American public for the period of famous Thanksgiving, this animation approaches more good joke than of the play. Learn how to cook with turkey, then stuff it... (Google Translation)

Juice Squeezer

In this game, you have to do orange juice by pressing the key "C" and "Z" one after the other. You play against the computer and your goal is to press more juice than it within a time delay of 30 seconds. The computer is in the left part of the image, you in the right part. You have to press the keys as fast as possible, but take care, because if you do not press these in the right order "C", "Z", you don't score point... This asks therefore a good control! The one who wins gets a golden cup.

Making Over Mona

Making Over Mona is an arcade game on in which you will become a beautician for Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci is perhaps the world’s most famous masterpiece. She is a classic vision of beauty and sensuality, but let us face it, after 500 years, who could not use a little “restoration”? Some Botox here, some collagen there, and she will be looking centuries younger in no time. So here you start your action. You can use Botox to get rid of those pesky expressions, utilize Collagen to inject tissue with gelatin lubricant. Chemical peel can be used to burn off layers of old skin. And you can also make some simple addition and subtraction by surgery. After your operation, Mona Lisa will become more beautiful and younger than its previous looking. But be careful, you may also make it change into an ugly face. All is up to you. Are you ready? Start work!

Yippy Yahoo

Prepare your pens! In this game, you have several drawings at your disposal that you shall colour. To choose a drawing, click on the button "next". It brings the next available drawing. Look at all the possible ones. When you want to go back to a previous drawing, click the button "back". Once you have chosen a drawing, you will have to paint it. The mouse pointer is now a paint-brush. Choose a color in the palette in the upper right corner, by bringing the brush on it and clicking. Once the color is selected, bring the brush on the part of the drawing you want to colour and click on it. Have fun!

Boyfriend Creator

Boyfriend Creator is a classic game on in which you help a handsome boy dress up. Once the game starts, there will be a lady killer appearing in the screen. You can change the hair’s color of the lady-killer. Meanwhile you can choose his face type and color. Change his eyebrow, eye shadow, eye form, eyeball as you want. You can choose a Roman nose for him either! His body type is under your control, if you like the well muscled one or the sexy one, choose it. The choice of his clothes is up to you! At last, the lady-killer will be dress up nicely. Click “OK”, there will be a surprise!

Kiss Me Kiss Me

Kiss Me Kiss Me is a skill game on in which you try to catch a frog Prince or Princess. Around the lake, there are many frogs jumping here and there. But only one frog will change to the prince or the princess. You can use the net to catch the pink frogs. The more you catch you bigger your luck. Avoid the green frogs and don’t let them jump into the net. You can move forward or backward the net following on the ground the shadow of the frog you want to catch. The frog’s shadow should be inside the net. Wait for the fate to tell you if you are lucky enough to find the prince or the princess. If you catch too many lousy frogs, the game is over. Good luck!

Balmoral 3D

Balmoral 3D is a puzzle game on in which you will go into a maze. Your mission is to escape from the balmorals 3D. Once it starts, you will be located in a balmorals 3D. There have blue walls and red roads in the balmorals 3D. Maybe it is very difficult for you to walk out of the balmorals 3D. But if you like challenges, you will like this game very much. When you are walking in the balmorals 3D, you will meet you an elegant lady. She will hit on you; you have to do your best to protect yourself. And if you could defeat her, you will get scores. There have a map of the balmorals in the left of the screen, you could look it to guide your way.

City Jumper

City Jumper is an arcade game on in which you need to strides across obstacles. Once the game started, you will act as a small matchstick man. You can press the left key and the right key to small jump or to big jump. Use the down key to stop. Sometimes an old-lady will walking towards you or a big bird will halt in the air while you are jumping, so you should not only jump over buildings but also jump over these obstacles at this time. And you will add a life on your total life when you have passed a stage. If you can jump over a very difficult obstacle, you could gain more life as a reward. Are you ready? Click and point now!

Escape 3 1

Have you ever heard the story that bad spirits can destroy your soul when they get inside your body, so you will never be a human but a living dead? Sounds terrible… Escape 3 is a shooting game on in which you will fight with evil creatures who intend to take your life. You have only one gun but the good news is you needn’t worry about the bullets. Your mission is to shoot all the monsters dead. Never think that’s too easy. You enemies will appear in tremendous amount so you have to be alert every minute. Too many misplays will lead your failure. Good luck!

Ben 10 Hero Matrix

Ben is a transformer! Awesome! And he can change into all cool alien forms. Help Ben create his unique aliens and save them to show to your friends! You have a cool creative studio to create those aliens and Omnitrix to store them. Use your mouse to select the colors and shapes. (The whole thing is really wonderful! You feel like an artist or a crazy scientist!) You have to design the torsos, textures, themes and if you want to try your luck, you can also go to the randomize mode! Don’t forget to give cool names to those cool creatures and you can print them out if you really like them and want to hang them on your wall! This fantastic flash game Ben 10 Hero Matrix is brought to you with great pleasure by our website! You will love it! You can also browse the gallery to see other artists’ cool works!

Box Office

Play free game Box Office on

Ball Maze

This is an interesting 3D maze game, you have 4 small balls in different colors inside a maze, your goal is to put all of them in the center hole of the maze. Use your mouse to move the maze board, don’t let the ball fall out of it.

Safety Run

Pigs can not tolerate the inhuman treatment of the farmer, so one clever and brave swine decide to run away. As a very warm-hearted person, you decide to help him. Safety Run is an adventure game on in which you help the pig pursue freedom and are responsible for his safety. You use your mouse to control the animal passing footlog, suspension cable etc. You need to be very careful otherwise you will kill the pig! Life is of the most priority! Don’t forget to pick up bonuses for more points. Have fun!

Peinture Interactive

When you are bored with tedious life, why not make some brainstorming so to arouse your inner artistic imagination? Peinture Interactive is an arcade game on in which your mission is to create your own picture. You will be given the background color which is rather abstract, and you will see many items around. Move them on to the picture. Remember that not all the items can be placed on the canvas. Have fun!

Knightmare Tower

A miscellaneous game named Nightmare Tower on will bring you great joy. As a brave knight, you’re appointed to save the king’s ten daughters. The evil guy took them to his town. Use left/right arrow keys or mouse movement to move and Down arrow key or left click to dash. Kill the monsters you met to earn money. Remember to upgrade your arms with the money. Come on! Let’s start!

Dice Match

Dice is a kind of gaming tool. People can use dice to do a lot of things. For example, people shake dices to determine play orders before they start some multiple-person-involved games. One of the basic and ancient functions of dice is to play dice match which needs at least two persons to throw dices in turn to see who has a bigger number. Dice Match is an arcade game on in which you will compete against the computer. Your opponent will throw a number first then the computer will shake the dices for you automatically. You stop it to see which number you have. Your number needs to be bigger than your opponent’s otherwise you will lose your game. Good luck!

Santa Girl

Santa Girl is a Girl game on in which you be required to help Pamela find her itchy spot in 60 seconds and win a prize! the itch is out of control , you’re the only one who can help her ,so you should pay attention for what you touch or point her body some where will be out of control and you will make pamela not so happy and some body place will bring out a surprising to waste your limited time so just keep to try ,she need your help !


You are making some toasts on the morning, but you get some trouble to eat them, toast are jumping everywhere on the table... You need to move your mouse to catch the toasts with the plate.


Can you imagine the scene that two chimpanzees fight? Which weapon will they choose? Of course bananas! Try Gorilla, a shooting game on in which you will join in the gorilla war. You can play with the computer or with your neighbor. You and your opponent throw bananas at each other in turn. You can set your shot’s power and direction by increasing or reducing velocity and changing rotation angle. Watch out the wind direction and power, which will affect how powerful and which angle your shot should be. If you get shot, the building you are standing on will get lower, and when you touch the ground, you will lose your game. Have fun!

Kill Fred Durst

Kill Fred Durst is an arcade game on in which you can give vent to your anger. Do you always feel indignant but nowhere to let off? Try this game! There is a ruffian who you want to hit him so much. Can you see many instruments under the ruffian? Such as gun, knife, fist, gas, even the rocket. The game is quite easy. Use your mouse to click any of the instruments, then throw (or shot) to the ruffian. You can see the scar on the body and hear his scream. Imagining this is the bad things what have annoyed you, give out all your anger. Do you think better now? Of course, you can’t be so violent in the real life.

Deep Game

Deep Game is an arcade game on in which you dive into a bottle full of water and try to collect as more diamonds as you can within the time limit. You can use the left and right arrow keys to turn left and right, and press up and down to increase and decrease speed. Once the game starts, you need to enter your name and your email address. Then you will be deep into the water and endeavor to collect red diamond, green diamond, purple diamond and golden coins. The more diamonds you pick up, the more points you can get. Do you want to have a try and enjoy yourself? Do it now.


Juggler is a skill game on in which you can dance your fingers to control balls as requested. You have three choices. First you can choose Juggler in which your mission is to prevent balls from touching the ground for scores. Second you can choose Golden Shot in which you have to keep the ball within circles. Third you can choose Basketball in which you have to put the ball in the basket. Choose any one you like. Have fun!

Sheep Game

You are the owner of all those ... sheeps ! It's simple. All the sheep run away from your mouse cursor. So use that to steer them.

Execution of Hamster

Interactive animation. You have of it enough of your hamster and you want of debarraser. It is enough to click on the various options in bottom of the animationet to look at what occurs.

Casse Dents

When you see an ugly and annoying face in front of you speaking dirty words, what would you do? Many people especially men will give the face a power punch and make the dentist do some extra work. Casse Dents is a skill game on in which you will bounce a small ball to hit down the big teeth in the man’s mouth. If the ball has nothing to bounce, it will fall down. Then you should control your board to bounce it and make it jump again. If you miss the ball once, you will lose one life, if twice, two lives. You have only 5 lives to go through the game. Good luck!

Darkness Project

Darkness Project is a shooting game on in which you select a unit to fire on a building. Click SUITE key to make game start. It’s in a military base. The color of the background is green, there are different kinds of equipments such as tanks、battery、helicopter、bombs and a car. Trees are planted in rows to hide military base. A building is not far away. Your mission is selecting an equipment to fire the building. You can scroll map with up、down、left and right arrow keys, use the left mouse key to select units and make them move, use “-”and “+”keys to zoom in or zoom out, you have to fire on a building and click on the building you want to attach. If you win, you’ll move into the next level.

Viewtiful Joe Paint

Viewtiful Joe Paint is an arcade game on in which you color in the superman as you will. At the beginning, the superman has no color. Click him, it will show you a color palette. You can color the superman in many colors, because he is divided into several parts, such as the gloves, the boots, the hat, the manteau and so on. You are allowing to painting him with a pair of white gloves matches a pair of black boots, just as you like. What’s more, if you have no idea of how to mix color, you can click the HINT for help. It will show you a colorful superman, and you just need to put on the same color as the model. It’s really an easy game, have fun!

Fulltime TV

You are sitting in the sofa to watch FIFA World Cup matches... Yes, this time you are a big fan of football. But, all your relatives and friends seemed not to be the same, they all come to disturb you on this moment, your favorite team is palying the final match... Leave me alone! Click on the characters to get rid of them of the screen, you can use all things available in your room ...

game 2

Have you ever thought that your life is so ordinary? Do you want something different? Do you expect something exciting enough for you to remember the whole life? Try Game, an adventure game on, in which you will help the little brave cutie finish a dangerous journey. You control the character jump to cross gaps or to avoid hits and throw stones to defeat enemies. Try to be extremely careful about those jagged traps because they will kill your player. Good luck!

Type Master

Some people can type very fast while some can’t. No matter what, try Type Master, a skill game on This game is designed to help everyone type faster. All you should do is to type as requested. First you will meet a training course in which you type only single letters. Then you can advance to the type battle. Try to dance your fingers otherwise you may be laughed by the arrogant guy appearing on the screen. But it’s fine if you are really not good at typing, just practice more. Every one needs to learn. Have fun!

Relation Mayonnaise

Relation Mayonnaise is a classic game on in which you help a lovely woman dress up. Once the game starts, there will be a beautiful lady appearing in the middle part of the screen. She wears a white shirt 、green trousers and a pair of glass. Meanwhile there are many dressings in the right part of the screen. You can use your mouse to change complexion and drag the clothes onto the body of this lady. You can choose different butterfly, accessory, shoes, trousers, clothes, decorations for her. You can try it in many different matches. At last, our beautiful lady will be dressed up nicely. The choice of colors is also very important.

Flash Ball

Flash Ball is an arcade game on in which you control a white ball to beat another green ball. There are two type of the white ball. One is the type A. In this modal, you press arrow keys to move the white ball from side to side. And you can click on the left mouse key to power-up to throw a small yellow ball to hit the green ball. You can also hit that ball straightly. In addition, there are two meters at the down corner. One is your healthy meter; the other is your power-up meter. If you choose the type B, you can press your left mouse key to power-up to beat that green ball straightly. Moreover, whether in the modal A or B, you should avoid not contacting with the boundary. After two stages, there may some interesting things wait for you. It’s time to go for it!

Scratch Simulator

Scratch Simulator is an arcade game on in which you will act as a director who is responsible all the staff in the recording studio. Once it starts, you will be located in a recording studio. There have audio, CD players, CDs and big lights. You can choose one CD and make it play. And then open the lights which will give much different light. The music here is all rock; you can choose your favorite and open the light. And then image that you are in a dancing hall. You are the star, dance what you want to dance. You can also turn on the light and make the room in the dark in order to create another different atmosphere. Do you want to sing a song? No problem. Here is also microphone. You can sing a song like a singer. Have fun.

McDonald's Videogame

McDonald’s Videogame is a classic game on in which you will have a chance to run and manage McDonald Corporation by yourself and acquire knowledge about McDonald. Making money in a big corporation is not simple at all. Behind every sandwich there is a complex process you must learn to manage. As do all modern corporations, McDonald’s manages production in different parts of the world. You have to supervise all the four sectors: Agricultural section, feedlot, Fast food and Headquarters. In agricultural sector, you will know that if McDonald had to rear all the cattle they need in their part of the world, the cities would drown in an ocean of cow shit. Pastures and soy culture need a lot of land and South America is one of the best places for it. Obviously you have to conquer your land as their forefathers did. You should remember the old saying: under every forest there is a lawn. You will also get much information in other sectors. Once you learn the process, you can start the game and run the company by yourself. Try to earn more money by offering hamburgers, sandwiches, meats, hotdogs, and other food to customers. Good luck!

Killer Car

Killer Car, which is a skill game on One day, on the St. Caprio, there was a crazy driver Steve, he is a crazy guy who just escaped from the asylum. Steve is a very dangerous person. He killed his wife and children after he lost his job, but after the diagnoses, his doctor told the policemen that he actually a psychosis. So he is not guilty on the law, then he lived in to the asylum. No one expect that he will escape from the asylum one day, after he run away from there, he killed an innocent driver and rushed his car. Now pretending you were Steve, and how you kill those walkers on the road? It is just a game, do not worry about it!

X-Ray Glasses

X-Ray Glasses is an arcade game on in which you will get a pair of extraordinary glasses and try to use it in proper way. The story happened in cootie‘s shop, once the game started, there’s a gypsy come to you and ask you to buy his glasses with the special function of perspective, you have two choices ,buy the glasses or tell this gypsy fuck to go screw a goat. Buy it, if not you will be killed. Then you can see everyone in the shop naked without clothes. You will find the real features of all the people... What you should remember is “Never, never look at the gypsy’s balls”. If you did, the game is over.

Unicycle Challenge

Unicycle Challenge is a puzzle games on in which you will help a juggler to keep balance and not to drop in the process. In this game, you move your mouse from side to side, so the wheel of the unicycle will follow to keep balance. If you tip over too far, the juggler will fall off. And you can press the space key to jump over the rolling ball towards you. The long time you hold down your space key, the higher you will jump when you unclench your hand. You are not allow changing direction while you are in the air. And pay attention to the blue indicator that means another ball is coming. Are you ready? Have fun.


No-one knows when or where the sport of Peeball began. What is clear however, is that the growth of the beverage industry and the invention of the modern day urinal in 1891 sent the popularity of the once aristocratic game of Peeball soaring. The history of the sport prior to this date is sketchy, although there is much evidence to suggest that England had a thriving peeball community in Tudor times; AJP Taylor, no less, suggesting that 'Greensleeves' is a derivation of Green Pees. By the late 1840s in Great Britain, County Peeball was a fiercely competitive domain, with gentleman athletes like W.C. Grace and Sir Harold Slashman commanding huge followings. The Battle of the Roses between Lancashire and Yorkshire in 1884 was the third biggest grossing sporting event of the decade, with minor riots erupting in Leeds after a potentially match-winning stand by Dr. James Wettbotham was disqualified for illegal use of the hands. Whether he dropped his monocle into the playing area deliberately was one question, but why he stooped to pick it up mid-stand has never really been resolved. 50 years later, the decision was still being argued about in lavatories throughout the North.

Mansion Impossible

A real estate simulator game, you need to buy the houses and sell them with higher prices, the ultimate goal is to buy the White House with money you earned in the game ! Good luck !

Beer Bar

You are Betty, waitress in a bar. The game is simple to play, it is enough to click on glass to take it, and click again on the barrel to fill glass and click on the customer to serve glass to him. After taking the empty glass form the customer, it should be washed by clicking on the sink before serving again. You can have to 7 customers at the same time and it is necessary to take again empty glass with the customer before bringing back full glass for him and you can hold 2 glasses at the same time. The game will be over when time finished.


You are a spy stickman represented by an orange point and you must infiltrate in a base at the beginning kept by will cameras simple then ensuites by automatic doors, guards and others! This game is amusing, in the style of Classroom 1&2.

Flight Simulator 1

Flight Simulator is an arcade game on in which you must keep the plane flying. Press a handle to make the game begin. It is an airport; there is a long athletic track and a directorial tower in the middle of the scene. Roads and residential buildings are located around the airport, and there is a soccer pitch near to the entrance of airport. The environment is very pleasant. When the plane takes off, you should control it to fly on the screen, if it crash down, game is over. You can use the left and right arrow keys to lead the directions; the up arrow key is to make it fly higher. When plane crash, a back arrow will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

Stress Relief Aquarium 2

Nowadays, with the quicker pace of life, people have great stress, therefore many even suffer depression. How to relieve your tension? Stress Relief Aquarium 2 is an arcade game on in which you can remove your stress by torturing an innocent fish in the aquarium. You have many ways. You can shock it, boil it, freeze it, poison it, jostle it or bomb it. You can even let a cat scare it. Any way you like, just relieve yourself.

Poom 1

Poom is a skill game on in which your mission is to prevent the ball from falling into the hole. You use a board to make the ball bounce again, and it’s better for you if the ball hits certain part of the board which will give you more points or coins. You need to follow the ball closely otherwise you are easy to miss it. Try to keep your ball bouncing on your board as long as you can, thus will earn you more points. Try to summit your score. Good luck!

Strip That Girl

Strip That Girl is an arcade game on in which you will be very happy to undress a modern girl. In the game scene, it is in one night. The moon hangs in airborne. A piece of cloud is floating in the sky. All the buildings are in dark. There is a beautiful and modern girl in frond of you. She wears a red coat, black tutu and black boots. The red sunglasses make her look like so sexy. The object of this game is to shoot the girl’s clothes. If you hit them, they will disappear. But beware! If you miss, she will put her clothes back on. There is a target which aims at her cloth. But the target does not stop moving. To aim and shoot, you should wait until the target is in the middle, and then press the “zap” button.


In this game, it is necessary reanimated people using an apparatus but made attention has to be in the green zone bus in the restricted parking zone it is necessary to start again and in the red zone to kill you the patient and you are thus to return.... then good luck!!!

Virtual Surgery

It is a game which shows how that occurs the surgery, one to you explains you for what are used different the tools and there is small question, if you answer false, it is not serious! The game is in English, it is for that the questions are rather difficult, all is played mouse, and read the texts for cromprendre well what it is necessary utiliser.Attention, if you etes kind: sensitive heart, avoid this play and... good play! (Translated by google)


Looser is a skill game on in which you will use your skill and judgment. If you are good at playing Ping—pong, I think you will play this game well. The scene of this game like a Ping-pong table, there is a white ball and a brown ball on it. The brown ball is The Looser. Its eyes are roving and its mouth has the yawn often. You have to hit the running looser with the white ball. You have ten shots per one looser after that you are THE LOOSER. You can move the white ball by pulling out of the black rubber. You can click on the white and hold on the left button of your mouse, then point in to the place where you want to hit. When you release your mouse button, the white ball will go in the opposite to rubbers direction.


When you were still a child, did you warship astroboy, the little boy with rocket legs. Did you want to be as brave as he is? Now you have an opportunity to recollect your childhood. Astroboy is a fighting game on in which you will help your little hero fight with enemies in the space. You can control the character move forth and back, up and down. Try to attack all the approaching rocks. Each destruction of the flying rocks will add you some points as well as bonuses. Try to avoid being hit by the rocks for they will use up your life energy. Good luck!

Eskimo Game

Eskimo Game is an a puzzle game on in which your mission is to fly to Greenland. But before you can fly, you must learn to read the map of Greenland. The map consists of simple cubes. You must try to decode the map on three levels. Before you start a level, you get a trip and an example of how to decode the map. This game will possibly cost much time, and it could be possible that your understanding is demanded strongly. Good luck!

Virtual Trapped

Virtual Trapped is a shooting game on in which you try to shoot down the prey flying in the sky with a stone. In this game, There’s a virtual place for people to hunt, you are a predator, you trap in a well, and shoot down the prey flying in the sky, the prey you beat must fall into the well., because you need prey to prevent hungry, so, the more prey you shot fall into the well, time of this game will be extended. You need to catch more prey until you are too hungry to die. The more prey you hunt, the high score you will get. You can Aim at the prey with your mouse and shoot them with the mouse by pressing the Left button. Your time is limited, so, save time. Carry out your task! Good luck!

Dr Dentist

In this game you are playing the role of a dentist who must remove the bad teeth without touching the others. You can know where the bad teeth are according to the number of points which the tooth removed reports to you: 100points if a healthy tooth is right dimensioned, 50 if the tooth removed is has 2 teeth of healthy, 25 if it is has at least 3 teeth of a healthy tooth. Attention this game is rather bloody in the event of error.

Littleman Revenge

When you are really angry at somebody, and unfortunately the guy is your boss of someone you can’t kick his ass, what would you do to release yourself? Littleman Revenge is an arcade game on in which you can vent your rage. You have several tools to torture littleman. For example, you can jab it with pins to make it pain, or you can iron it to make it miserable. The lillteman is born to be hurt, so don’t hesitate. But never treat real people like that. Have fun!

Doughnut Jump

Doughnut Jump is a skill game on in which you jump from the doughnut sculpture into the dinghy waiting in the sea below. Watch out for the seagull, though-he’s out to get you. Once it starts, you will be located on the doughnut sculpture and on the ground of blue sky and white cloud. In the game, you should ride the time to jump and ensure falling on the boat. As you locating on the boat safely, you will be sent to a new level with higher degree of difficulty. The boat will move faster as the difficulty increasing. You totally have three lives. Your game will be over if you fall in to sea for three times.

Sex Breaker

Sex Breaker is an arcade game on in which you use your mouse or arrow-keys to move tree trunk to receive the man each time he falls down. The trunk can simply go left and right. Try to make your actions faster, if not the man will fall into the river and lose his life. You have three chances through the whole game. When you run out your lives, the game is over. there will be more girls appear in the upward side of the man, eliminate all of them will lead you to the next level, there will be more obstacles in the upper levels, look out of them and transform them to your advantages. Hope you a high score.

Alpha Attack

Alpha Attack, which is a skill free game on Alpha region is coming to attack you city, you have to protect it and fight for your city. The government bought a lot of arms to fighting with them, but it still not working. After those experiences, they found out the only way to attack them which is: There is an alpha on each bomb, you just have to type the alpha on your keyboard, then they will disappear. Best of luck, you are the only hope for your home.

Line Rider

Line Rider is a game developed by ~fsk, and originally posted over at Deviant Art. The goal of this game / gadget is to draw a course for your character who controls a toboggan. In a normal video game, the hero explores a well defined universe and must cross a series of obstacles. In Line Rider, whom one will rather describe as interactive and ludic animation, it is all the opposite: the player himself must trace, with great blows of pencil, the course of a small catch fixed well on his toboggan, ready to descend the slopes that one drew to him under the shoes. Basic seemingly, the play requires an incredible patience since one tries to transform the tobogganist into Olympic acrobat. What, obviously, does not reject the Net surfers, who compete of ingeniousness and graphic virtuosity in the thousands of video demonstrations posted on YouTube.

Halloween Paint

Halloween Paint is an arcade game on in which you try to color many things with a brush at Halloween Eve. You should use the mouse to press the object in the game. There are many objects in the house. They are all black-and-white color. You should use the lovely brush to get them to have beautiful colors. There are many kinds of beautiful colors on the left bottom corner. It has yellow color, red color, green color, blue color, white color and so on. You should press the appropriate color which you think with the brush. Then you can get the object to have beautiful color. There are apples, frame flare, pumpkin, window blind, wooden case, fireplace, ghost and so on.

Crach Test

This is a fix-people game. You may launch the guy to diaper pile, break wall, cactus patch, electrical thingy, chemistry set, flammable stuff, the elephant and lots of fireworks. And you could look on the result from three different camera views. All the operations should be taken though the buttons in bottom of the screen.

DressUp Chi-Chi

DressUp Chi-Chi is an arcade game on in which you help the girl in the screen to select clothes. The girl has already taken a bath and there’s only a blue bath towel cover on her body and her black hair was tied by a blue headband. Your mission is to choose pajamas for her. There are plenty of beautiful kinds of pajamas and kerchiefs, stocks you can choose, sexy skirt, colorful underwear and trousers. Check the three drawers in the cabinet by the wall, you can find contact lenses there which have two colors, green and blue. Use them to make the girl’s big eyes more beautiful. There’s a pair of X-ray glasses in the second drawer of the cabinet two mirrors and taps above the cupboard. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Nimian Flyer Legends

Nimian Flyer Legends is an adventure game on in which your will become a beautiful insect who has wings. Once it starts, you will be located in a forest which has trees, flowers and old buildings. You can use the mouse to fly ahead and take the directions. And you can also use the mouse to fire, because you are a very amazing insect. Suddenly, you will encounter a very big insect which is very fierce. He is hungry and wants to eat you. Your task is to do your best to protect yourself and use the mouse to breathe fire to fight with him. If you can fire him, he will damaged and the power of will out of use. And then you could fire the rest of him into ash. At last, you will be the winner.

Dancing Queen

A dancing machine like game in flash ! You need to type the arrow keys and the spacebar at the good moment to archive scores.

Sheep Farm

Would you like to raise some sheep and manufacture wool products in a farm by yourself? OK! Let’s try in Sheep Farm, a cute miscellaneous game available on for free. Hit Tutorial first to learn how to raise sheep and product sheep-related products. Click left mouse key to choose tools you need. Pay attention to the time limitation of each step. What are you waiting for? Let’s build our Sheep Farm.

Samba de Mausland

Samba de Mausland is a skill game on in which your mission is to catch all shakers by clicking on them. Get the fruits for extra points. After clicking the shakers successively for a while, you will see that the background will change and more characters will appear. It is possible for you to miss some items, but not too much in that if you perform not well enough, the scene will change back. Good luck!

Road Rage

Road Rage is a skill game on in which your job is to control your car through the road and kill people. Here is the scenario: you are a member of the Bible belt who is furious at the gross immoralities of the society—so you decide to act. After hauling your crusty posterior into your trailortruck, you hit the road with a mission to kill 90 low-life members of the society. Start off by running the heretics over in level one, then slaughter the remaining ones with your shot gun in level two. Now get killing: there are souls to be saved.

Mr Veghead

Create your mister potato, finally Mister Vegetable! You must create it by defining each part of the head to him, the nose, the eyes, the mouth?

Catch a Toy

When at the bingo hall, do you like to catch toys? Are you a catching master? Whether yes or no, try Catch a Toy, an arcade game on in which you can practice your skills. In theory, it is a very simple game. You first choose a toy you want, and then move the catcher to the proper position, at last press the Enter button. But good aiming doesn’t mean real catch, so you’d better try more to get experience. Anyway it isn’t the machine in the bingo hall, it is free. Good luck!

Wolf 3D

In winter there may be not much food for wolfs, so usually they have to store food in advance. Now things change—wolfs can hunt animals in winter! Wolf 3D is a skill game on in which your mission is to help the angry wolf get animals in distance. When you are getting close to those animals, they will run away so to avoid your massacre. So you have to be nimble enough to follow and catch and finally swallow them. Every time you get your trophy, you get points. Different animals earn you different points. Good luck!

Air Dodge

Air Dodge is a classic game on in which you will drive a jet plane. The weather is fine, the sky is blue, the tree is green and the grass land is so fresh. But your flying space is limited, because there are a lot of balloons floating with the wind in the sky. These balloons are colorful to celebrate some ceremony, and you must be care of them. To control the jet plane, you can hold the left button of your mouse to go up, and release the left button of the mouse to go down. It is easy to know how but to do well. The speed is very high, so you must do many trains to grasp the skill. The objective of this game is to see how long time you can stay in the air without hitting the roof, or an obstacle.


Hulk is an arcade game on in which you will become a green giant, Hulk, to kill robots invaders. You are standing alone in the street at one night. Around you is so quiet and all shops have been closed. Suddenly, a number of robots appeared in the sky. What they want to do? They are flying in the air like fighters, gunship, and spaceship. You have to eliminate them all. Thus you become a green giant with great power. Yes, you are the hero now, Hulk. You can hold down Mouse button to charge jump and release mouse button to jump. Once in the air, the Hulk follows the mouse’s position. Hulk is indestructible, so you can aim to hit as many robots as you can. The more enemies the Hulk hits, the higher his combo score and the higher his altitude. What are you waiting for? Action!

Horse Song

Horse Song, which is a kids game on We can hear the natural voice when we go hiking in the mountain or through the vocalist to giving us the beautiful voice in the world. One day I went to traveling in a forest, I saw four horses doing harmony together. But as we know it, horse is a brisk animal, we never know that horses can sing, right? Would you like to hear they singing the harmony? It is easy, just click those four horses, then you can hear the natural voice from horses.

Piano Lounge

Piano Lounge, which is a kid game on Freddy opened a piano lounge, but there are not many customers here, he always can not understand why and can not figure the reason out. One day, he realized that he does not have a nice pianist to play for his lounge. He is looking for a pianist who can play the nice music to attracting more customers. Do not be nervous, there are some music you can pick and just follow the characters to click them, then you can play a completely nice song. Wanna try it now? Click Start!

French Boutique

A fantastic miscellaneous game on, French Boutique will greatly test your patience and agility. As a waiter in a clothes shop, you need fetch different dresses and shoes for customers in the changing rooms. The shorter time you take, the more tips you will get. Pay attention to the time bar besides each changing room. It requires different time to complete different levels. Come on! Good luck!

Super Ninja Skydiving Plus Zom

Move Ninjas by clicking or using arrow keys if you change control options. When you click, waypoints will appear. If Zombies are in the way, Ninjas cut them up! Don’t get swarmed by Zombies. Try to collect all the powerups. Pickup bread and don’t cut bread. Beat levels by picking up parachute bags! Get high scores to unlock more levels. Super Ninja Skydiving Plus Zom is a miscellaneous game on Go to be a Ninja!

Undressing Staci

Undressing Staci is an arcade game on in which you can dress up a girl with different clothes and glasses to make her more beautiful. Once it starts, you will find a fashion girl who is standing on the beach. Behind her is the sea and mountains. The sight is very charming. And the girl is very shy. Firstly, you can take off her glass, and then you can see her blue eyes. Secondly, change her clothes. It is very hot in the beach; change her clothes to a suit of bikini. Don’t think that it is just another dress-up game. There are many hidden features of this game for your entertainment. If you click, or double click your mouse on certain areas of the girl, cool things happen. There are many hidden features that happen when certain keys are pressed. So snoop around, there are many surprises waiting for you if you take the time to explore the game.

Sexy Speed Test

Sexy Speed Test, which is a miscellaneous game on People loves look at sexy women, they are charming, beautiful and sexy. But now people usually gives the wrong conceptions about sexy, not just wearing less and posing cheap means sexy. Sexy is an attitude, if a woman within confidence, dress herself up clean and makes people comfortable, then she is pretty and sexy. Anyway, in this game is testing your speed, you have to find out two same pictures to click and remove them as quick as you can, if you spending less time, you can get more rates. Enjoy it!

Backyards Buzzing 1

Try to become to ultimate ruler of.. the backyard. A big battle on micro scale, build and command your own bugz army and lead your troops to victory!

Cotse Paint

A very simple painting game for kids to practice drawing on a computer. You can use the mouse to choose a painting tool to create a picture on the blank as you like.

Saving Kypck

Saving Kypck is an adventure game on in which your mission is to rescue 118 Russian marines from the sunken submarine “KYPCK” (oscar II class) using the LR 5 mini sub. The LR 5 can carry up to 40 men, but it has oxygen for one minute only. “KYPCK” lies about 146 m deep latitude and longitude have been reset to 0 as your target. You can use your arrow keys to navigate and spacebar to go deeper with the LR5. There are unoperatable hatch, armed missiles, and armed explosives in the submarine. KYPCK is located at Barents Sea, Russian Waters. It is your duty to save the lives of more than one hundred people. Go ahead now.

Draw Play 2

Draw Play 2 is an arcade game on in which you are in control of a stickman to go through an uncertain route designed by you. You can choose your own music from Naruto Theme, Necromancide, Cyber Genics, and Breathe. You can also change the color of your terrain, like black, red, blue and yellow. It’s up to you to design the game. Your mission is to get your guy to the flag and finish the level. You can move your guy with the arrow keys and use your mouse click and hold to draw your favorite route that is the terrain your guy will be able to walk on. As levels progress, there will be vertical spike, horizontal spike, wheel spike, hammer, hacker, and convey belt appearing in the game to stop or affect the move of your guy. You have to draw a terrain for avoiding hitting these obstacles. To hit these obstacles will lead your guy to go back to the start point, which means you have to draw another proper route for reaching the flag. Are you ready? Draw it now.

Girl Dressup 2

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Bug Splate

Bugs such as cockroaches are disliked by people because they will spread diseases and bacteria. So you want to kill them especially when they appear in your kitchen? Bug Splate is a shooting game on in which your job is to kill the bug as many times as you can. You will see a roach running around and try to follow it closely. Shoot it without any hesitation when you can see a cursor. Have fun!

Love 100

In this small game, you need to clear all the coins on the heart, to discover the two wedding rings. The time is limited, you should hurry up before game time run out.

Break Dance

Do you know break dance? There are many different versions of the history behind the breakdancing going back as far as 1969. It reached its climax in popularity in 1984 when it appeared in several major motion pictures. Oddly, after that breakdancing seemed to disappear. Only in the past few years has the breakdancing returned to the public eye, appearing in numerous music videos and at shows. Do you want to learn it? Break Dance is an arcade game on from which you can learn and practice some basic motions in breakdancing. You can follow the instructions to dance before your computer. You need music which is unquestionably the most important thing when breakdancing, and stand originally. It will be better if you have big mirrors and dance floor. Have patience and practice with your friends, eventually you can make something. But the game here is no means a complete reference, so find other sources to learn better.

Girl Dressup 3

Every girl has her own princess dream, but not every girl can become what she desired to. Now you have a chance to realize your unaccomplished dream. Girl Dressup is an arcade game on in which you can dress up the model as you like. There are many things you can do. Change the model’s complexion, hairstyle or lipstick. Design some style for her—choose her clothes, shoes and jewels. See what kind of angel you can make! Have fun!

Jewel Thief

Jewel Thief, which is a skill game on The word jewellery is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicised from the Old French "jouel" circa the 13th century. Further tracing leads back to the Latin word "jocale", meaning plaything. Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of body adornment; recently found 100,000 year-old beads made from Nassarius shells are thought to be the oldest known jewellery.Everyone like jewelry, your boss wants you to stole a precious jewel, you have to stole it carefully and avoid those guards and light. Best of luck!

Making Christmas Tree

Decorate a fir tree in order to transform it into superb Christmas tree, to print if you wish it. This small play will be able even to give you ideas of decoration ! Make slip the elements of d?cos in order to hang them to the tree... (Google Translation)

Dancing Ant

When talking about ants, it is easy to think about busy working or tiny creatures. Have you ever thought that ants could dance, just as human beings? Dancing Ants is an arcade game on in which you will teach your ant to dance. To create better atmosphere, you can add proper music, or you can teach the ant sing something while dancing. You can also make some mushroom-like things dance besides your ant. The movement can also be chosen. If you like, you can change your ant’s movement according to different music. Have fun!

Flash Chess 3

Before you are willing to choose side, either the white or the black, you have to pick up your desired difficulty level. When the computer plays at its normal level, it will think for around 5 seconds and it can be challenging for normal players. Casual flash chess thinks for about one second. This is a good setting for quick matches during a coffee break. Novice flash chess plays at its lowest level. Use this setting if you are still learning chess or if you want to beat it quickly. Flash Chess 3 is a Board Game which can be found on Good luck!

Backyards Buzzing 2

Try to become to ultimate ruler of.. the backyard. A big battle on micro scale, build and command your own bugz army and lead your troops to victory!

Toilet War

Toilet War is an arcade game on in which you will help a girl to empty the bowels. Here are 9 dishes. Different dishes have different effect on this girl. Move your mouse and click on these dishes. Choose the liquid food like the soup can make the girl more comfortable and happy. Or you can choose these solid foods such as curry, spaghetti, rice, or just bread and biscuit. Different kinds of food can make the girl more uncomfortable in different levels. And the soundtrack is change with different dishes. Of course, you can choose same dishes once again. The game will be ended until you thought that you have tried your best to help the girl! Are you ready? Let’s start it!

Valentine Dressup

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


When you come home exhausted, why not play some interesting games to get relief? Here is your choice—Gunman, a shooting game on in which your mission is to send those wooden blocks back. To achieve this goal, you fire on those wooden blocks. If you want to make the game more exciting and meanwhile get higher points, you’d better hit maximum fires on those blocks within 2 minutes. Good luck!

Taxi Driving School 1

Taxi Driving School, which is a racing game on An indian, Abu, came to the New York City for searching job, as we know it, New york is a big city, people have a lot of opportunity for works. Abu was a taxi driver when he was in India, because his family legacy is driving taxi. If you want to pass it, you must complete the maneuver within the set time limit, while staying on the set path without crashing. Best of luck and have a safe driving!

Short Bus Rampage

Short Bus Rampage is an adventure game on in which you are a rampage bus driver. In this game, you are tired of being ridiculed by the other students, you and the rest of the special Ed class have taken control of the bus and are out for revenge. Your goal is to drive the car run over all the students and get to the end zone before the cops get to the area. After enter this game,. There’s a yellow bus which you will drive. Some students are running around. Use arrow key to take control of the bus. When the bus is close to the students, they will run away quickly. After run over all the students, you should drive the bus to the end zone as soon as possible. Try your best to finish these tasks within time limitation. You have only three opportunities.

Ask Guru Joe

Life is something full of questions. Are you confused about future? Ask Guru Joe, an arcade game on You can ask Guru Joe questions about life, romance, business or anything else that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. After entering your question, click ASK or enter button on your keyboard and Guru Joe will peer into his Ball of Mystics for an answer. But remember, Ask Guru Joe is only for entertainment purpose only. Take control of your own life!

Ya Ya XX

You are the only man in a room with ... 8 nude girls ! What are you going to do ?!

Liisa's Fashion

Liisa’s Fashion is an arcade game on in which you try to help a fashionable woman dress up. There are many kinds of clothes and hairs. For example, there are many beautiful skirts, fashion coats, lovely hats, fashion hairs and so on. In the game, you should use the mouse to press the button. For example, if you press the skirt, it will have many kinds of skirts. In addition, you can apply the color on the right side. There is a fashion woman, many kinds of beautiful clothes, a lovely cat, a lovely fish bowl, a moving tree and the green background. You can get much useful fashion knowledge about dressing up one person from the game. Have fun.


This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Astral Rescue

Astral Rescue is an arcade game on in which you rescue the survivors left over the war which was just ended since your people have been defeated. These survivors are fast running out of time. You should rescue all of them with limited fuel and vitality. Use the arrow keys to control your spaceship and look out for the wall and your enemy in the same time. If you hit the wall or your enemy, your vitality will decrease one point. You have four chances in each level and when you are running out of fuel, get more. Be careful about the turnings, you can use thrusters to change your direction. When all the survivors have been rescued, you won the game. Try your best to act fast .You can check out the “Instructions” section for more information about this game. Good luck!

Pixel Field

Pixel Field is a puzzle game on in which you click on your left mouse button and your red base will be followed to guide three red pixels to pass through minefields. Each click will coast one point. Try to dodge bad green pixels. Don’t touch these bad pixels and the boundary or the game will be lost. Let your three red pixels to touch the blue energy pixel to gather them. Advance to the next level by collecting all blue energy pixels. Each energy pixels will add 10 points to your total. Your total life is three. Get higher score as possible. It’s time to start it! Click now!

Ganja Farm

Usually people want their plants to grow higher and higher, but scientists say that sometimes trees need to be cut shorter for a better growing. Ganja Farm is a skill game on in which your mission is to prevent your trees from growing over the fense by clicking them frequently. You will lose your game when any plant grows high enough to cross the fense. Watch out the alien ships which will release laser to kill your plants. If you lose all the trees, you will also lose your game. Shoot down those flying objects. Try to be a nice gardener. Have fun!

Bra Drop

Bra Drop is a skill game on in which you try to catch the falling bras in a bra-making factory. Affected by economic crisis, you find it is hard to find a good job. After careful consideration, you finally decide to work for a bra factory for a period. Your work there is simple – just catch the falling bras in the right basket. There are tens of female worker in this factory in charge of making bras. They use machine to improve production. You must classify the bras according to their colors. The red bras, blue bras, and yellow bras should be stored separately. You can use the mouse to move left and right for catching bras. Don’t miss any bra, or they will fall to ground and you lose points. Some things are dangerous. Don’t lose your attention when at work. Keep your only work chance. Work now!

Princess Maker 1

Some girls are born dancing queens. Wherever they go, they will become the highlight. But not every one has that talent. Don’t worry, you just need more practice—practice makes perfect! Princess Maker is a skill game on in which your mission is to dance to the music. You have four vertical sound tracks, and there are items moving towards the top of each track. Your job is to hit each item when it passing the top. You’d better follow the rhythm which can help you hit more. Don’t miss too many items or you will lose your game. Good luck!

Music Wind

Music Wind is an arcade game on in which you could create a song. The game scene is a beautiful blue picture. There are 5 different design houses over the blue sea, and there is a tube beside every house. There is a big colorful windmill hanging in the sky, from which a lot of different symbol fall down. Your task is to collect the same color or the same style music symbol together to create a harmony song. When you see a music symbol fall down, click the house, then the music symbol will go to the tube. If 3 music symbols are in the same color or same type, then they will disappear and gain score. If the music symbol falls into the sea, score will be reduced. Is all the 5 tubes are full or the time is up, then the game is over. Wish you creating a beautiful song!

Monster Saga

Monster Sage is a miscellaneous game on A little boy now has to become a monster trainer. When finishing the first battle as required, click Unit to level up monsters. The monsters in the training cannot be assigned into battle. Do missions and quests to gain more gold used for searching monsters, upgrade, etc. Upgrade your farm to get food to recruit monster, upkeep cost and upgrades. Try to get more candy to level up the monsters. Have fun!

Naked Melee

At the beginning of this game, you need to click as fast as possbile your mouse button to create naked melee, amd then when the stop sign comes, the war begin, if you have enough naked melee, you will win the fight !

Parachute Retro

A helicopter was shuttling a group of top scientists in the world from the parking lot to a secretly held summit in a hidden countryside. However due to a freak accident, the helicopter has not been able to land correctly. The only of survival is to jump from the plane and to a trailer full of pillow below. The government has given you the task of landing these scientists. Parachute Retro is a skill game on in which your mission is to land those important guys safely. The officers told you that only a limited number could perish, for the sake of humanity and the push for a scientific achievement. There are also warning of militant operations against the stranded scientists. Be aware. Good luck!

Tiny Timmy And Big Bill

Click the place before or after Bill to move him. Use WAD to move Timmy. You mission is to help Bill and Timmy to collect mustaches in various positions. Bill can also pick up Timmy to help him reach higher places. Hold left key mouse to make bill punch things. Bill cannot hold Timmy while punching things. Timmy has only three lives. Tiny Timmy and Big Bill, a miscellaneous game on for free, cannot be missed. Have fun!

Santa Fartypants

Play free game Santa Fartypants on

Snap Shot

A reaction testing game. You must take photographs of vehicles and animals which pass in front of you. It is just enough to click on ?Make has Snap shot? at the good time to take the photograph. If you fail three pictures, the game will be over.

Build A Face

People are born with their own appearances, and years ago it is almost impossible for people to change their facial features, but thanks to the facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, people now can turn those unsatisfied parts into perfect ones. Do you want to create some face on your computer? Build A Face is an arcade game on in which you can build a face according to your own like. All you need to do is to select the different facial parts such as different shaped noses and hairstyles. See what you make. Have fun!

Alpha Bravo Charlie

In this helicopter recon game, your mission is to pickup the stranded and wounded special-op's servicemen returning from missions. Instructions: You are a pilot,you find yourself in the middle of many combat situations... in Deserts,in marshland,in greenery and Cities. Your mission is to pickup the stranded and wounded special-op servicemen returning from missions. You have full access to rockets and bombs and a good team on go bring back your countrymen... and yourself ALIVE!!


Scientists say that balancing is one of the basic skills that people are born with. Do you have excellent balancing ability? Trackball is a skill game on in which your job is to move the ball along the track by balancing the track which needs good control of the cursor across the arrow buttons. It seems quite easy and intuitive but actually finishing the track is not that easy because you need to switch the track direction all the time and even the smallest mistakes will result in chance lost. Good luck!

Look but Don't Touch

You are walking in the street with your wife, and you are passing in front of a lot of sexy women, how can you resist to looking on them ? But be careful of your own wife, who will not be happy if she caught you looking on other women ... Good luck little voyeur lol !

Grow Up

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!


Music is the most beautiful gem ever created by human and there are tons of excellent composers who left us uncountable priceless spiritual treasures. Have you ever thought that you could also become an extraordinary music writer? Freestyle is an arcade game on in which you can compose your own music. You have four instruments—electronic organ, drum, small bell and saxophone. You can make all of them sing at the same time or just choose some of them. You are free to show your own music, blue, jazz, whatever you like. You can also add the singer’s lovely voice to your music. Just imagine: sunshine beach, warm breeze and your own rhythm. Perfect!

Dress Up Game

Dress Up Game is an arcade game on in which you try to help a woman dress up. Before the game, a dazzled picture presents your eyes. There is a woman who needs your help to dress her up. There are many kinds of hairs and hats. In addition, there are beautiful underwear, fashion coats, skirts and trousers. Besides, it has beautiful and lovely shoes. You can dress the woman up according to your favorite way. You will feel that you are in a happy environment while you play the game. You will learn much useful dressing knowledge from the game. As a result, not only you can have a happy mood while you play the game, but also you are doing a meaningful thing.


Objective: Fly as long as you can. Pick up the Holy Wings and avoid the birds. The haystacks can help you but also they can stop you... Be careful and fly low ;) Don't waste your energy. Controls: Left Click to start running, click again to jump and click repeatedly to fly.

Subway attack

Subway Attack, which is a skill game on As we heard there are some abnormal people walking around the subway station. Some of them, showing their body to people, some of them will touch your body, make you uncomfortable. No one like kind of these abnormal guys, so let’s beat them up! Click the guys who wearing nothing, those blue suit guis are protecting you, so do not beat them. And those crafty abnormal guys will rush into the blue suits nice guy to confusing you to click the wrong perosn, you must be careful!

Fuzzy Mc Fluffenstein 2

Enter the cute but bloody world of Fuzzy McFluffenstein!

Excel Sheep

Imagine the scene: you are working on your Windows Excel, and suddenly the excel sheep pop out—you can’t work any longer with so many sheep running on your screen. So you have to do something. Excel Sheep is a skill game on in which your mission is to catch all the naughty sheep. The timer will take down how long you complete the mission. Try to make a new record. Good luck!

Dancing Maching

Press quite simply on the figures and the letters registered on the left and to see the animal on the right making various dances. You can also pass over the symbols with your mouse.


Buckaroo is an arcade game on in which you will load the gear onto Buckaroo’s saddle. It’s find day that day. You want to go out for a nice trip, but you have so many luggages to take with you. You must ask for help from Buckaroo. But be gentle – this horse may buck at any second. Will he be calm or kick up a storm? You never know what will set him off. One buck and you are out of luck. You will have to load a lot of tools onto his body, like a hat, bag, guitar, shovel, radio, and a bailer. Load each item very carefully and watch Buckaroo’s reaction. Once you find something is wrong, you must escape from him quickly, or you may be kicked by this horse. Are you ready? Good luck!


Every girl has her own princess dream, but not every girl can become what she desired to. Now you have a chance to realize your unaccomplished dream. Girl Dressup is an arcade game on in which you can dress up the model as you like. There are many things you can do. Change the model’s complexion, hairstyle or lipstick. Design some style for her—choose her clothes, shoes and jewels. See what kind of angel you can make! Have fun!

Draw a Pig

Draw a Pig, which is an arcade game on It is a very special game which is a bit different as other flash games. It is more like a mental test to assay your personality by drawing a pig. Do you understand yourself? Usually we understand ourselves more through kind of these tests, because people can not find themselves in a normal situation. They even have no idea what they have done. It could find out what you are thinking in your deep heart. It is really a fun test, I recommend to you this test strongly. If you want to know more about your deep thought, you’ve never discovered, just draw a pig then do the test. Good luck!

Sexy DressUp

Another popular dress up game. You may dress a sexy woman up from bra, under wear to hair, hat and sheer silk stockings. The lady may make a special voice to match your actions. Those people who are under the age of 18 years may not be allowed to play this game.

Beaver Blast

Beaver Blast is an arcade game on in which you shoot the beaver into the water tin. You are the beaver in red hat and blue clothes, your goal is to fire the cannon and shoot nutrias which are in blue hat and red coat get into the water tin. Regulate the orange bomb to adjust the angle, and the strength meter to adjust the strength. Your score is shown in right of them. When you finish adjusting, click the fire button upon the cannon to shoot. Each time you miss, you loose one life, and when you hit, your get half life, and the beaver will make a victory pose in the tin. Look out for your life which is shown by the red hearts in the lower-right corner.

Goku Paint

Goku Paint is an arcade game on in which you variegate colors to the person in the picture. There’s a cavalier in the center of the screen of this game, he is totally white without any color, and you can see fourteen balls with different color (red, black, pink, purple, brow, blue, green, and yellow……plenty of colors.) beside him. Your mission in this game is to fill color into his clothes, hair, eyebrow, sword, tail shoes, sash, socks, spire lamella, skin and others. Click on the color ball which you think right and then click on where you want to pad to fill the blank. Whatever you like, enjoy yourself now.

Barnyard Mooshine

Barnyard Mooshine is a skill game on The farmer is a bit puzzled why his car has no fuel in it every morning. He has gone through all of the possibilities and there is only one stone left uncovered… Otis the cow. He has a plan to go out every night and stop Otis from taking the car for a joy-ride; the only problem is that his torch needs charging. You can charge the torch by pressing the side arrow keys as quickly as possible, then when the torch has reached full power – press the spacebar to turn around and expose Otis. If you are too slow Otis the party animal will get away in the car for another night of fun. See how many nights you can keep Otis at bay. As levels up, you will have fewer and fewer time to charge the torch. Are you ready? Go.

Da Club

Da Club is totally addicting arcade game fun.Each hired and upgrades increase reputation. Visitors number based on reputation. Hired staff is cheap but its duration is very short. Items have more duration each upgrade. Punk may come daily, and will decrease visitors and incomes. You can rid him by hiring a bouncer. Ladies Night need no money, but need some reputation and visitor. You can loan money if you need. It'll pay debt automatically every day. You can't have another loan until all debt cleared. If your money is minus you'll game over.Just Click Left Mouse Button for game operation.

J2O Game

You play in role of either a woman or a man in the toilet. The goal of the game is to urinate well in the center except that you are stuffed more and more. This game is played entirely by mouse. (Translated by Google)

Space Empires

Space Empires is a puzzle game on in which you should be a ruler of planets. This game is named Space Empires. It is a turn based strategy game, where you play for the humans against 3 other races in a battle for domination in the galaxy spine. Each race starts with 2 planets out of 8. Your goal is to have all 8 under your command. You loose when you have got no planets left. The main map gives you a look on the sector, here you can see the planets in the sector and give your planets commands. In the control panel in the bottom, you can give different commands, not regarding your planets. At any time you can click on the HELP button for help. At your turn, you can do one of the following: giving your planets new orders; talk with the other races. Building new ships for your attack fleet; attach an enemy planet or insert a spy.


Dragonfly is an arcade game on in which you try and collect colorful balls for bonus. Click screen with the left mouse key, game will begin. It is a boundless prairie with little yellow flowers everywhere, clouds floating on the blue sky; countless dandelion flutter to air with the wind, a dragonfly is flapping with its small wings and flying toward the distant, some colorful balls fall from height from time to time. Your mission is to guide the dragonfly to go through dandelion. Once the dragonfly sticks to dandelion, it will lose energy. If the dragonfly catches a red ball, it will recover health. If catch blue one, you can get additional 100 scores. If catch green one, it can be temporary shield. Once the dragonfly loses all energy, game is over. Have fun!

Poo Warrior

Are you tired of normal flash games? Do you want something new or even disgusting? Try Poo Warrior, a skill game on in which your mission is to fight against those disgusting poos. There is a big ass crapping randomly on your head—you need to shoot your “bullets” to hit the ass or if you can, perfectly stuff up the anus, which will add you more points. Avoid the shits which will consume your energy. Try to summit your score before time is used up. Have fun!

Dress My Babe 5

Dress my babe 5, which is a girl game on Dr. Lenny made a girl by his new machine, this girl is the type he always wants, but he has no idea to dress her or make her prettier, she has a nice body, beautiful face, but she just doesn’t have a real nice shirt and pants. Dr. Lenny is a wise creator, but what he need is a cloths designer to help his perfect girl looks prettier and sexier. Would you like to help Dr. Lenny? And there are some choices on the screen, you can pick her hair color, t-shirt icon, background color...etc to make this picture and this girl more attractive.

Hidden Tangerines

Hidden Tangerines is an arcade game on in which you should find the hidden oranges in a limit times. Once the game starts, you will face a big green tree. There are some ripe oranges hang on the trees, but they are invisible. Move your mouse from side to side to find these oranges as quickly as possible. When you have found an orange, it will become visible for you to see. Click on the left mouse button to get the orange. And your total orange number will show under the screen. Manage your time. Don’t waste your time. It’s time to go for it!

Pitfall Y2K

In some people’s eyes, aliens are something disgusting and violent. So they have created many books, movies or even games to show their determination to fight with aliens. But have you ever thought that you might save aliens one day? Pitfall Y2K is a skill game on in which your mission is to use cursors to save alien. The little creature will fall down through a pipe-like path, and your part is to prevent it from touching any side of the path. The route is zigzag so you should be highly skilled otherwise you can’t save the sad alien. Watch out the energy bar. Good luck!

Battle of Rock

You are a Rock n Roll lover ? Or fan of U2, Bettles, Radiohead, Coldplay, Oasis, Pulp,Muse, Stereophonics, Queen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, The Cure, Placebo, etc.? Here a musical and of agility made for you : take the role of the guitarist of rock'n'roll in full concert. It is enough to press on the keys which appear on the screen and the good time to corectement play corectement the desired air. You have three lives.


Bubbles, which is a kids game on In the ocean, there are a lot of bubbles, pretending that you are one of the red bubble and you have the enemies are those black sharp bubbles. You are on the way home, you will meet other red and colorful bubbles, you can say hello to them, hug them, gathering with them, but just avoid your enemies--- Black Bubbles, otherwise you will lose your life and restart the game, then you can not arrive hom on time. So, be careful!

High Speed

High Speed, which is a skill game on In this game, we have to notice on the power bar, it decides how far your cars jump and make sure that you can make your cars landing on the board. The moon which means the time, you have to make the counter full(which is on your right side of the game screen) before the moon disappear. Use your mouse click the bar which is behind the car and control the power bar. What you have to do here is do not let your cars fall into the sea and make them landing on the board, then it is done! Enjoy your skill test!

Wacky Faces

People have different facial expressions in different situations. Some are as happy as daisies while some are as bitter as balsam pears. How wacky can a face be? Wacky Faces is an arcade game on in which you can create whatever facial expressions you like. You can choose hair styles, nose shapes, faces, bodies and props such as sunglasses and hats. Any arrangement is acceptable. Try to build someone as wacky as possible. Have fun!

Hot Dog Maker

Manage your hot dog maker factory and shop. Purchase the meat from the market, take them first to your factory and then deliver them to your shop in order to prepare delicious hot dogs! Have enough stock in your hut to not lose customers. Accomplish your missions as soon as possible. Hot Dog Maker, a miscellaneous game available on, is as fantastic as you can imagine. Let’s begin!

Yoda Sperm

Yoda Sperm is an arcade game on in which you help the cell to shun from the obstacles, use the arrow keys to avoid enemies, and use the 1,2and3 keys to active power up. Press 1-key can diminish the area of the cell and make it harder to be dashed, press 2-key can encircle a red protective layer around it, but it won’t keep a long time, press 3-key you will see a blue protective layer around the cell, it’s the most effectual protective layer among them. There are four different enemies, the random bacteria, sticky bacteria, white blood cells and lost condoms, you can use the power up to make the trip easier, you can shrink, make an explosion or hold an electric shield, but watch the energy meter, when you run out your energy, the game is over, good luck!

Quick Park

A skill testing game. It is just enough to correctly park his car on a carpark, park the most possible during assigned time. To park itself corectement brings back 1000 points to you and an error (to touch an edge) make you lose 50 points. You have 80 seconds. The vehicle moves thanks to the arrows of the keyboard.

Fly Catcher

Fly Catcher is an action game on in which you are in control of a spider to catch as many flies as possible in different ways. It’s in summer holiday and so hot. People stay at home to avoid the hot sun. All around is the sound of cicadas. At this time, flies are the most boring creature. They fly here and there and tread on food and plates. It’s so dirty. Flies are nice dinner for spider. Once the game starts, there are many flies and a big spider in the screen. You can use the arrow keys to control the spider and press the space bar to bite a fly. Besides, you can control the spider to catch flies by throwing spider webs or create a net to catch flies. Press the E key to jump or speed up. Watch out for the swatter. It is your greatest enemy. Kill a fly and you will get five points. For the big fly, you get ten points. Good luck!


In Rombenk, your mission is quite easy. Help the character collect at least 5 trashes and send them to the garbage bin before time runs out. All the useless rubbish is at different stairs so you need to jump to get them. Be careful not to fall, thus will waste your time and as well hurt you. Open the door with lever or the same color. Watch out for the rats. You will enjoy this skill game on Have fun!

Freggie Heads

Freggie Heads is an arcade game on in which you try to help the fruit or vegetable dress up. Before the game, you should create a Freggie Head. At first, choose the fruit or vegetable that you’ d like to use from above, and then click and drag items on to the Freggie. When finished, you can print your creation out. This is a lovely game. There are several choices you can make. They are tomato, carrot, banana and bottle gourd. When you dress them up, you can select object from the right side. There are eyes, noses, mouths, hair, tie, hat and so on. There is very relaxed music hearing nearby you ears while you play this game. Have fun.

Park a Lot 2

Park a Lot 2 is an arcade game on in which you are a parker in a shopping mall. At first, you should follow the lesson. Learn to drive. Walk with your arrow key, x is for start running, z is for stop running. You need walk over a car to get in, when in a car, hit space to get out. Try walking around a little. In the game, cars come randomly. You, the parker, should pay attention to the number of owner that comes out. The parker will need it! When a customer comes and leaves his car for shopping. The parker need to walk over it to get in. use your arrow keys to drive and steer. The owner of the car will soon be done shopping. He/she will come out and ask for the car. Pick up his/her car and drive it to the exit. Be sure to be as close as possible! When the owner is waiting while you put the car on the exit, he will hop on board and drive away. Time is limited. Your tasks are different in ever levels.

Mouse Paint

In a painting, the mouse and the sun have been kept white and you have to paint them to complete the picture. For that purpose, you have a pen and a choice of 7 colours. Click on the pen to take it and maintain the left key pressed to bring the pen to the colour you want to use. Release the key and the colour will be selected. A small colour patch will appear at the bottom of the image to show which colour is active. Then, take again the pen by clicking on it and maintain the left key pressed to bring it to the part of the mouse that you want to paint. Release the key, and the part will be coloured! Repeat the same with all the other parts and don't orget the sun...

Crimson Warfare

Crimson Warfare is an adventure game on in which you try to shoot the foes. In the game, the world has fallen into darkness; nation after nation fell to the power of confederacy. You are the hero must stand against evil. The main aim of the game is to send your troops to attack the enemy. If a unit reaches the enemy base, it will damage him. Once the enemy’s health reaches 0, you win the game. When the game begins, first highlight any of the building sites and choose which building to construct. Certain buildings need to be built to make other buildings need to be built to make other buildings available. Each building has different properties, deploying troops, researching upgrades, etc. click on the building you want to use to see its available options. You gain money every few seconds, the more income, the more money gained. You can use hotkeys-a, s, d, f, space to control.

Basketball Dressup

Basketball Dressup is a classic game on in which you help a lovely boy dress up. It is at a basketball court. A lovely boy with long yellow hair is doing a slam dunk. The ball touches the basket, but all stop at that moment. Because this boy player has no sports wears. Yes, he is naked with just underwear. He winks at you and hints you should help him. There are many basketball vests in various colors, undershorts, wristers, socks, and shoes displayed in the screen. You can drag the best matches onto his body. You may also select diverse balls for him. There is a big windmill in the distance. Only when you dress him up, he can finish his slam dunk. You can try it for many times and dress him up in different matches. Have fun!

Golden Shower

Whereas it drinks a good beer, our character wants? to piss. Only not of toilets thus it makes its needs over the wall in the street. Then to him the idea? has just pissed on all that moves! Click to piss at a place, you must touch all that passes in the street (animals, human, cars?). For each touched thing you gain points. Pay attention to your amount of urine bus if it is completely empty the part is finished! To regenerate it piss on the birds which transport beers! Good luck!

Labyrinth 1

Labyrinth is a skill game on in which you try to use your mouse to get across a labyrinth. When you start the game, the interface is still black that even you can’t see the path of the labyrinth. Control the mouse to enter the black labyrinth by the gap of the gray pane, avoiding the outline border. As you walk a length of the path, one part of the full labyrinth will become bright so that you can see the next direction. Just see if you can get across it in a shortest time. It is really a good game to test your dexterity and your speed of reaction. Now just click to start it!

Canon Man

You may have seen all kinds of canon bullets such as stones, tomatoes, but have ever known that people can also become the canon bullets? Don’t surprise, play Canon Man, a shooting game on in which you shoot coins in the sky with your canon man to get points. The coins have different sizes and mean different scores. The further ones are smaller with more points. The only way for you to earn points is to shoot your canon man at the exact center of the coin. Try to be more accurate otherwise you may lose your game. Good luck!

Find The Girl

Find The Girl is an arcade game on which you need to find out an interactive girl in a maze. If you are a real man, please cultivate your desire to find her out, do not be shy! In the game interface, you only need to move your mouse, the moving direction of your mouse will lead your vision, when you decide which corner you want to go, click and go ahead. Be patient and you will find her at last. Although it is a simple labyrinth that can lead you to a gorgeous girl, do not get yourself missed in it. Remember, if you do not click your mouse, you are just standing there. Take your time!