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Mission Midwinter

Action Games

Mission Midwinter is a skill game on in which you help Santa on Christmas Eve. You can use the mouse to control the sledge and deliver the appropriate package to each house via chimney. Mr. Claus must deliver gifts to the houses of good children and coal to the houses of the bad children. Delivering the wrong type of present to a house will result in a loss of elf points. The bad kids are out to sabotage and distract Santa by hurling snowballs at his sledge. Avoid them for as long as possible. As Christmas Eve wears on, more of the little sods will be coming out to play. In some cases, Santa can use his special Goodifying Ray to prevent the bad children from doing unnecessary damage. While you are out delivering, Santa’s elves will be working on upgrades for the Ray and other things. Your target is to keep the sleigh flying for as long as you can and correctly dispatch gifts and coal to earn elf points. Visit the Elf shop and max out the upgradeable features. Good luck!

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