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Mobster Roulette

Adventure Games

Mobster Roulette is a classic game on in which you try to earn 9000 pounds within ten minutes in many ways. Four months ago you borrowed 10000 pounds off the mafia…You legged it and planned on never paying them back. Unfortunately, they have found you. You only have a 1000 pounds but thankfully they generously allow you ten minutes to make back the 10000 pounds you owe them. You can gamble and work your way through to make ten grand. At first, you may go to the bar to have a drink and calm down. A glass of beer will cost you 25 pounds. Then you can go to the casino to try your luck at roulette. And you can also go to bank for loan. The bank manager will ask you some questions about your salary and work condition. You can tell a lie to him. Then you can go to job center to look for a good job. Unfortunately you only can gut fish, and one gut for 100 pounds. Anyway you should earn enough money quickly. Or you will be killed by mafia. Good luck!

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