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Mon Buster

Puzzle Games

Mon Buster is an arcade game on in which you try to clear a board full of cards. Once the game starts, there are several rows of cards on the board. You can just see their backs and don’t know what they are. You can click on one of them and expose it. It may be a boy, a panda, or an eye. Then you should quickly click on another card in the board and also expose it. If these two cards have the same pictures, they will disappear from the board. If they have different pictures, they will return back to their previous status and show their backs. There are some special cards in the board. A luck card can match any card of the board and disappear with it. A hint card can expose all cards to you for a while. A bomb card can explode all same cards around it. A new row of cards will be added to the board after a while. So if you can not clear as more cards as possible, the board will become full of cards, then the game is over. Good luck!

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