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Monkey Curling

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Monkey Curling is an arcade game on At first you select a set of three monkeys to curl. There are five to choose from… the more they cost, the more points they can earn you on each shot. The objective is to score points to get enough cash to buy your three monkeys for each round. When in the game, you can move your mouse over the curling Alpha Male Champion Gorilla and position him where you please. Then click on the gorilla and immediately move your mouse at the speed and direction you think would be appropriate for an oversized chimp to slide an undersized chimp along a short section of frozen water. After your gorilla has released the slippery chimp, you must now instruct the orangoutang (sat in the influence chair) to attract or repel the chimp by clicking on the magnet or fan. You can also click on the monkey to give him an extra push. The closer you get your monkey to the center of the target the more points you get. As you progress through the game, the center target gets progressively smaller until you reach the dizzy heights of Grand Master. The cash you earn is based on points and the type of monkey you curl so choose your monkeys carefully. Have fun!

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