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Mops And Mows

Puzzle Games

Mops and Mows is a board and puzzle game on Your objective is to score as much points as possible before your game over. Use your ARROW KEYS to move your cursor, then KEY Ctrl to move bricks up, and Shift can remove bonus lines. While SPACEBAR will flip bricks, and get 3 bricks of the same color in a line or in a row to score points. Press Ctrl to scroll the lines faster up. When you get two ore more lines with one brick flip to score combo points. For every combo points you get, you can erase one line on the screen. Press shift to erase your combo line. Keep one eye on the combo ‘o’ meter on the left side to see how many lines you can erase then press SPACEBAR to flip the bricks move the marker with ARROW KEYS. Good luck!

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