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Adventure Games

Murloc is an action game on in which you will play the role of Murk who will adventure a lot and fight with wolves bravely. Murk is a race living near the water with a fish face but a straight limb like human being. At the beginning of the game, you are walking in Camp Brakil. You can use A and D or arrow to move left and right. You can also hold the key of Control to run. If you want to interact with others you can press space bar. You can buy some useful tools or weapons if you have enough money. Afterwards you meet the Chief and the chief demands you to ask for help with setting up a banquet celebrating for the victory of a war. Then you should get tender wolf meat in the forest. You accept the worn dagger from the chief and the adventure will begin. And so, brave Murk followed through the portal, only to find another adventure that awaits him. You will enter Elwynn Forest and meet a cruel wolf. The wolf will claw or bite you. You can attack the wolf quickly. If you defeated the wolf, you will win points. Move on.

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