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Namnum Basketball

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Namnum Basketball is a sport game on in which you are one basketball player of the Green Team. You can select time match or score match. Once the game starts, you can move the player that is currently under control. You only control one of the three players of your team at a time. The other two will move by the tactic you will choose. Pass the ball to the next player. If all the other players (those that are not holding the ball) are too far, then the pass will not succeed. Press the space bar to shoot the ball. The longer you press, the harder the shoot will be. The strength should be based on the distance of the player from the basket as well as the wind factor. You can attempt to steal the ball from a player of the other team that currently holds the ball. The player must be close enough to the player with ball. Press 1, 2 or 3 anytime during the game to change the tactic movement of the 2 players you don’t control. There is a wind gauge in the screen which indicates wind blow direction and its strength. If the wind blows against the direction you shoot, it will decrease the strength of your shootings and vice versa. These are the rules. Do you want to have a try? Play now.

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