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Naughty Starlets

Skill Games

Naughty Starlets is a skill game on in which you become a professional paparazzo to snap some pictures of the starlets. The great paparazzo always has a sixth sense for naughty starlet wardrobe Malfunctions. Think you got what it takes to snap pictures of the naughty starlets’ dirty bits? So grab your camera, focus on the pretty ladies (not the skeletal skinny women or the bodyguards) and get ready to create your fortune. A good paparazzo can tell when there will be a wardrobe malfunction. Keep your camera at the ready and use left mouse button to snap a picture any time a starlet does something naughty. Just be careful. The bodyguards will take your camera if they are in the shot. And skeletal-skinny starlets might break your camera lens. Are you ready? Snap now.

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