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Navigate Robots

Puzzle Games

Visit to join this free game: Navigate Robots. In this puzzle game, you will get a lot of fun! The mission is to guide the robot to the destination. Click at the green robot and hold the mouse. Then drag a line to connect it to a shining base to draw his path. Click the triangle button to start his movement when you are ready. Do not let him touch the red robots. You can finish your task by phases. Good luck!

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Eggs vs Robots

Eggs vs Robots is free for you on This is a shooting game. In this game, you are escaping from your enemies. They attack you from both ground and air. Use the mouse to target and left click to shoot. Press the space bar to fire rockets. Destroy the boxes to get ammo and power ups. You earn money by killing enemies. You can use the money to upgrade your equipment after each level. Now, let’s fire!

Robots Initiate Work Sequence

Robots Initiate Work Sequence is a miscellaneous game provided by In this game your job is to build houses for your robots. Click the metals to collect them. Then click an available construction sites to start building. Click the batteries to charge for energy. When batteries turn green, they are ready for recharge. You can get one more robots for bonus after building one house. Good luck!

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