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Night Raptor

Arcade Games

Night Raptor is an arcade game on in which you play as a battle plane to rescue the survivors and destroy the base of your enemies. It is one part of the universe and you are flying above the cities. The red aliens fly towards you want to hit you off, so you need to shoot them. The modern factories under foot sometimes blast some lights off to shoot you, so you need to destroy them either. You mission is to save the people survive in the battle; they are wearing blue uniforms and shaking their hands to call for help. The brown boxes are the goodies you need to collect, too. There will be some weaponry and recharge shield floating in the half sky and it benefits you as you can get better weapons or have an increase in your energy. Good luck!

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In the skill game Fly Raptor Rider, you are a dragon racer. Press the down arrow to duck, press the right key to smash and press the up key to jump. The left key is for shooting. You are supposed to cover a distance of 18000. There are enemies on your way. After each level, you can choose your dragon when you get required achievements. This free game is brought to you by Have fun here!

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