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Action Games

Ogg is an action games on in which you will swing your bar to finish your task. There is a tree and a log which likes a stump in the game scene. To move around, you should press the LEFT and the RIGHT arrow keys. To jump, you should press the UP arrow key. The goal of this game is to hit squirrels with your awesome stick. Throw it with the SPACE BAR. Squirrels will pop out of that log. You can hit as many as you like, and notice your score goes up foe each hit. In the game, the health bar will constantly drop, and if it runs out, it is a life lost. So to keep yourself going, you must collect some food which will fall down from the sky. You will have 10 seconds of health to start with. Since we don not want you dying in the tutorial, losing all your health will not kill you. To beat a level, stay alive and hit enough squirrels, and you will move on to the next round. Remember to watch out for fake squirrels and poison!

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Papa s Hot Doggeria

Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a free skill game on First, select a character, or create one as you like. Second, after clicking Play, hit the Help button and you are provided with detailed information including Basics such as taking orders, grill station, build station, and rewards and so forth, Shop, Customizing, and Other Features. Try to learn the skills to provide highly qualified services so as to earn more money. Good luck!

Jogging in hell is a website with all kinds of free online games. Jogging in hell is one of the action games here. The aim of the game is to run a long distance and to get diamond. Press Up to jump and Down to slide. The distance and diamond will produce your total scores. Tip: keep the balance. Be careful: do not fall off. Otherwise you have to restart the game. Wish you good luck! Just have fun here!

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