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Oliver Snyders

Shooting Games

cOliver Snyders is a shooting game on in which you will use a ordnance to shoot down the falling missiles. You need to protect your house from incoming missiles. If your houses are destroyed, the game is over. Shoot incoming missiles by aiming and clicking with your mouse. When you shoot a missile, a tree in the background disappears. When they are all gone, an upgrade missile appears. Shoot the upgrade missile to be able to upgrade your shield power,speed or advance. Shield places a protective barrier over your house. Good for one hit. Power increases your own missiles’ ability to destroy more powerful incoming missiles. Speed decreases the time which takes to shoot successive missiles. Advance will move you to the next level and adds another house to protect with the potential for more points. Once you upgrade, try to shoot the UFO for a score multiplier and to protect your house. When your time runs out, the game is over. So shoot down as many missiles as possible to score points and protect humanity!Good luck!

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