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One Man Siege

Skill Games

One man Siege is a skill game on in which your mission is to knock down the general who stands on the top of the tower. With a sword in his hand, he will throw cannonballs at you. So try to bring down enemy tower by catching cannon balls and throw them back. You can only catch and hold one cannon ball at a time so avoid being hit while holding a ball. The tower are built of two types of blocks: stone and metal. Stone blocks can be destroyed with 5 hits while metal blocks can be pushed with the cannon balls to set the tower off balance. Use "A" and "D" to move left and right. Click your left mouse to shoot. The longer you hold down, the stronger the throw will be. The cannon ball will fly in the direction of the mouse cursor. Go ahead and show off your shooting skill. Good luck!

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Sieger Rebuilt To Destroy

There are various free games on for you. Sieger Rebuilt To Destroy is a puzzle game here. Your mission is to kill all the soldiers as you shoot the buildings into crash. Target with the mouse and click to fire. You can only fire at the parts where the hover appears as a circle. Do not kill any peasant or you will lose. The less shot, the higher score you will win. Reach or surpass the target score to upgrade.


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